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Always check your receipt or rental agreement for return due dates/deadlines to avoid costly fees!  [Login Here to check your rental account for due date if you cannot locate your rental agreement]

A lower-cost alternative to buying textbooks

You can RENT textbooks through ECU Dowdy Student Stores for many courses. Please note that not all titles are available as rentals. Textbooks can be rented in our store on the same shelves with new and used books. 

Rentals can also be handled through our online ordering system. If a rental is available it will be listed along with your other purchasing options.  The link to rent the book will take you to the site to complete your transaction.

 Is Textbook Rental Right for You?

·      YES If….

  • You like your savings all at once up front (often 60% - 80% off new book price).

  • You don’t want to keep the book when the term is finished. (but if you do, that can be arranged!)

  • You take good care of your books and are OK with moderate or little highlighting.

·      NO If…

  • You tend to make a LOT of marks in your books or you tend to damage or lose them.

  • You absolutely must have all supplements such as CD-ROMs, workbooks, and keycodes.

  • You know you want to keep your book for future reference.

  • You rely on getting cash back at end-of-term buyback.


How much do I save with textbook rental?

You save an average of 60% - 80%!  That’s right, renting textbooks saves you an average of 60% - 80% over the cost of purchasing a new, printed textbook.

How do I pay for my textbook rental?

A credit card is required.  Why?  Just in case you completely forget to return your book, you will be charged for it.

Can financial aid be used to pay for a textbook rental?

Funds from your HigherOne card or Bookstore Account can be used to pay for a textbook rental in our store. Online rentals cannot accept Bookstore Account funds at this time.

How long is the rental period?

The rental period varies from as few as 30 days to the full semester.  When ordering online, realize that rental period "begin" date does not begin on the first day of classes. See your rental agreement, store receipt, or rental order confirmation for the return policy and due date.  All rented textbooks must be returned properly and in good condition, by the Rental Return Due Date.  PLEASE DO NOT SELL YOUR RENTAL BOOK BACK SINCE IT WAS NEVER PURCHASED.

Can I return my books by mail?

Yes. Check out our  website for the 21-day return policy for online rental orders, with free-shipping.  You can also return books to Dowdy. Rental Return detailed info.

How do I know which books are available as rental?

Simple!  Textbook Rentals are clearly displayed when you shop on the bookstore website or in Dowdy.  If you’re shopping in the bookstore, look for specially marked rental signs alongside our other textbooks.

What happens if I drop a class?

See our Textbook Refund Policy for refund guidelines for both in-store and online rentals.

Can I get a refund if I don’t drop a class?

See our Textbook Refund Policy for refund guidelines for both in-store and online rentals.

Can I buy my rented textbook?

You may decide to convert your rental to a purchase.  Visit our website for pricing details.

Can I mark up the inside of the book with a highlighter or make notes in the margins?

Normal use of highlighting and writing is permitted.  Rental book returns must be in salable condition.  Salable condition will be determined by us in our sole discretion, but generally means book spine intact, no excessive damage to cover or contents, all original pages intact, all original components present, and no excessive highlighting, writing or other markings.

What happens if I forget to bring my rental books back?

If you don't return your book after the expected return date you will be charged for the next possible return date. If you rented the book for the semester, and that return date has passed, you will be charged for the book. After all, if you rent something, you are traditionally expected to return it.  The book will be yours, which means you have some options.  If you want to keep it, feel free.  Otherwise, you can always attempt to sell your book back for top dollar.

Can I rent books from Dowdy Student Stores online site?

Absolutely! Please visit the ONLINE SHOPPING SITE.  If you have questions, don't hesitate to stop by Dowdy or call us,  1-877-499-TEXT or email


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