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ECU Course Pack Production

Course Packs are produced through a cooperative effort by ECU Dowdy Student Stores and University Printing & Graphics' Rapid Copy Centers. Links below provide information and instructions for compiling, ordering, and producing a Course Pack. Additional course materials can also be produced including CDs and DVDs.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact ECU Dowdy Student Stores, at 252.328.6731 or toll-free: 1.877.499.TEXT. We will make every effort to work with you to meet the needs of your students in a timely and cost-effective manner!


On-campus sales locations at both the East Campus and the School of Medicine offer the most convenience for students. Course Packs are shelved along with textbooks for your course at the Student Stores. Many students who receive financial aid, scholarships, or veteran's benefits purchase their books at the Student Stores. When instructors require students to purchase class materials from off-campus vendors, Student Store personnel must locate and purchase these items for aid-recipients. Thus, by utilizing the Course Pack program at the Student Stores, you are making it easier for all students to access your class materials.


ECU Course Packs are affordably priced. Plus, by keeping your business on campus you are directing funds back into the University. Remember, Student Stores profits are returned to the students through scholarship programs and improvements.

Quick Reorders

Materials are printed at ECU Rapid Copy and kept on-file, some electronically, to ensure fast turnaround. With the high-speed Xerox DocuTech, Course Packs stored on the data drive can be reprinted with the touch of a button. If additional copies of your materials are requested, turnaround is typically 24 to 48 hours -- sometimes less!


Securing copyright permission can be time consuming. ECU-Dowdy Student Stores provides copyright permission service, saving you time and money. We can occasionally secure permission to reprint copyrighted material at no cost due to ECU's educational status. Any cost involved in copyright clearance is added to the cost of copying the Course Pack.

No Cost To The Department

The cost of publishing your Course Pack is divided by the number printed and paid for by each student purchasing the material. Your bound desk copy is free.

Compile the Materials for Your Course Pack

• Course syllabus
• Instructor handouts
• Worksheets
• Journal articles
• Selected readings from books
• Your original research
• Other items from various sources

Gather all of your materials together, making clean copies to submit as masters if possible. If you'd prefer, we can make a master copy for you. Feel free to ask!

Organize Your Course Pack Materials

1. Prepare a Table of Contents
This is helpful if your Course Pack is large or if you have several articles within the Course Pack. A Table of Contents will help your students and the bookstore by having a list of all materials enclosed. NOTE: Automatic page numbering on the copies is now available using the Xerox DocuTech copier at ECU Rapid Copy.

2. Prepare a Bibliography
You must submit a bibliography to the bookstore to clear your copyrighted items. We must have complete information in order to secure permissions. It is helpful if a copy is made of the title page and acknowledgment page for the bookstore. Please make sure you provide original sources for all materials submitted. (For example, original sources for anthologies.)

3. Securing Copyright Permission
You may choose to secure copyright permission through publishers, or ECU-Dowdy Student Stores can secure permission for you. The Student Store secures permissions through Copyright Clearance Center when possible. At other times requests are faxed or mailed to the publishers. The Store maintains a log/tracking sheet with your Course Pack to keep track of who permission requests were sent to, if there are any problems, and the prices when permission is granted. Student Store personnel will contact you to let you know how much the permission fees are on each item. In some cases we will not be charged a royalty fee to use copyrighted materials due to our educational status. In some cases it can be more difficult and time consuming to secure permissions of materials, such as those with older copyright dates. We will keep you informed if any problems arise.

Placing Your Order For a Course Pack

Call the ECU Student Stores at 252.328.6731 to have your Course Pack materials picked up, or you may bring them to the store in the Wright Building. School of Medicine staff may bring materials to the Medical Bookstore. Be sure to contact us by the deadline so we have sufficient time to secure copyright permissions if needed.

A Course Pack order form is completed for each course. From information provided on your form, we will create the cover to include the course name and number, section number if applicable, semester and year, and the instructor's name. ECU-Dowdy Student Stores submits the order for Course Packs to ECU Rapid Copy. Your Course Pack is produced and delivered back to the Student Stores. Pricing is completed and the Course Packs are put on the shelf, in most cases, next to the textbooks for your course.

It is important for you to indicate on your Textbook Order Form that you will be using a Course Pack. This information is needed to guarantee shelf space beside your books, making it easier for students to locate their materials.

What You Should Know About Reorders

ECU Student Stores will reorder Course Packs if they have sold out and students still need a copy. We ask students to place a Special Order request when reorders are necessary. Special orders are normally back within two working days. Once the special orders arrive in the store, they are matched up with the student's special order card and they are notified to pick up their items. All special orders must be picked up within three days unless other arrangements have been made.

We Ask You To Help Us By...

• Submitting your materials and information by the deadline dates.
• Submitting a complete bibliography with your Course Pack request.
• Submitting any additional information that could help us secure your permissions.
• Providing us with the number of Course Packs needed for your students. (Please remember we will have to write off extra copies as a loss to the bookstore.)
• Informing the Student Stores when you become aware of additional enrollments which would potentially offset quantities of textbooks and Course Packs ordered.
• Making sure your items are on the shelf as requested.
• Examining your free desk copy for any errors that may have been missed in spot checking.
• Asking your students to purchase your Course Pack and let them know it is available at ECU Dowdy Student Stores, or at the Medical Bookstore for medical students.

To Do... When Preparing your Course Pack

Make a single-sided copy for your master. Double-sided masters jam copiers easier which slows down production.

Make a clean master. Make a master without black areas around the edges, or broken type which comes from making copies of copies. Take the time to white-out dark lines and use the original article or book to make your master.

When doing paste-ups, make sure items are taped or glued down well. Loose edges tend to jam in the copier.

What Not To Do... When Preparing your Course Pack

Do not turn in masters with torn or wrinkled pages.

Do not turn in masters with stapled sections.

Do not place "sticky-notes" on masters. If you must use a "sticky-note" to identify an instruction on your master, place it so that it sticks off the page and can be easily seen.

Do not turn in masters with black areas around the edges. Use white correction fluid to spot-clean your masters.

Do not turn in masters with 19 hole or 3-hole punch sheets. If you do not have the original and must use a hold-punched copy, trim off the edge and neatly tape it to a whole sheet of paper. Realize that you will loose some clarity in the copy quality.

Use no more than three colors of paper stock per Course Pack. Copiers will hold and collate up to 3 colors. More than 3 colors requires excessive labor. If necessary, create 2 volumes for ease in identifying sections.

Due Dates:

Materials are due up to 8 weeks before classes begin for all copyright clearance and course pack materials.

All other materials up to 3 weeks before classes begin.

You must submit all of your materials and a complete bibliography when submitting your Course Pack requisition. If using an out-of-print book, you must turn in a complete copy of the book.

By following these deadlines, we can ensure your materials are on the shelves in time for classes. If you cannot submit your materials on or before the due date, but still wish to have a course pack produced, please let us know so that we can be better prepared when your materials arrive. We will make every effort to have your course pack on the shelves in time for the start of classes, and hope that you will work with us to do this by adhering to the deadlines.

If at any time you have questions or concerns, please contact ECU Dowdy Student Stores, at 252.328.6731 or toll-free: 1.877.499.TEXT.

For instructors that had a Course Pack published in a previous term at Dowdy Student Stores, please indicate the semester published and the pages will change in your new Course Pack. This will expedite the process of producing your Course Pack as some Course Packs are saved digitally and can have minor adjustments easily made. All Course Packs must have a printing order form submitted for each packet. If you have copyrighted materials to clear in your packet, you must provide a list of the copyright information with the source of the material as listed below:

*Information that must be completed to process order

ISBN/ISSN #: __________________________

*AUTHOR/ED.: ___________________________

*PUBLISHER/COPYRIGHT HOLDER: ________________________________________________

*CHAPTER/ARTICLE: _____________________________________________________________

*© YEAR: _______

VOL/ED: _______

TOTAL # PGS. ______ 

*FROM: ______ *TO: _______


ORIGINAL SOURCE: ___________________________

Top Corner Staple

Course Pack is stapled together in the top left corner.
Maximum sheets: 75 pages.

Three Hole Punch

Three Hole Punch

Three hole drilled paper is used for the Course Pack. Package is shrink wrapped for convenience. Three ring binder may be ordered for Course Pack at an additional charge. No maximum number pages.

Tape Binding

Tape Binding

The Course Pack is bound with a heated tape strip adhering pages together. Maximum thickness of 1-1/2 inches (Approximately 200 sheets). Extra volume required if thickness exceeds 1-1/2 inches.

Plastic GBC Binding

Plastic GBC Binding

The Course Pack is bound with plastic spiral binding. Sheets lay flat for easier reading. Maximum thickness of 2 inches (Approximately 300 sheets). Extra volume required if thickness exceeds 2 inches.

Saddle Stitch Binding

Saddle Stitch Binding

Saddle stitching is one of the simplest binding techniques. It is also the most widely used. Folded signatures are placed over a "saddle" and then stapled along the spine. This style of binding is excellent for booklets, brochures, newsletters, pamphlets, direct mailers and catalogs. Page numbers have to be in multiples of 4 to make the folded booklet. As few as 8 pages with cover can be used or up to 64 with self-cover.

Coil Binding

Coil Binding

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding puts all the pages or signatures together, roughens and flattens the edge, then a flexible adhesive attaches the paper cover to the spine. Paperback novels are one example of perfect bound books. Booklets, telephone directories, and some magazines use perfect binding methods. Compared to other binding methods, perfect binding is quite durable and has a low to medium cost. It can be used with publications that are several inches thick.

Owned & operated by East Carolina University, our profits are returned to scholarships and campus programs. When you shop with Dowdy Students Stores, you are helping to support ECU students.