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Faculty - Ordering Desk Copies

Most publishers will send an instructor a complimentary desk copy of a book they have adopted for a course and which the bookstore is ordering for sale to students. Publishers do not allow bookstores to order desk copies; the instructor needs to contact the publisher to request a desk copy.

Below is a list of major publishers. If the publisher you need is not shown here, please feel free to contact ECU Dowdy Student Stores by e-mail.


Cambridge Univ. Press:

Phone  800-872-7423

Fax  845-353-4141

Cengage Learning:

Phone  800-842-3636

Fax  859-525-1543

Elsevier Health Science:

Phone  800-545-2522

Fax  800-535-9935

Harcourt Trade:

Harper Collins:

Phone  800-225-3362

Phone  800-242-7737

Fax  800-433-6303

Fax  800-822-4090

Houghton Mifflin Trade:

Phone  800-225-3362

Fax  800-634-7568

Jones & Bartlett:

Phone 800-832-0034

Fax  508-443-8000


Phone  888-330-8477

Fax  800-672-2054


Phone  800-338-3987

Fax  614-755-5645

Oxford Univ. Press:

Phone  800-451-7556

Fax  919-677-1303

Pearson Education:

Phone  800-223-1360

Fax  800-445-6991


Phone  800-526-0275

Fax  800-227-9604

Random House:

Phone  800-726-0600

Fax  800-659-2436

Rowman & Littlefield:

Phone  800-462-6420

Fax  800-338-4550


Phone  800-818-7243

Fax  800-583-2665

Simon & Schuster

Phone  800-223-2336

Fax  800-943-9831

Taylor & Francis:

Phone  800-634-7064

Fax  800-248-4724


Phone  800-225-5945

Fax  800-597-3299

W.W. Norton:

Phone  800-233-4830

Fax  800-458-6515






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