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Welcome to ECU New Students and Families & Welcome to ECU Dowdy Student Stores... the Official Bookstore of East Carolina University!

We know when students are starting college the information can be overwhelming. As the only bookstore owned and operated by ECU, the staff of the Dowdy Student Stores are here to assist you in many ways. We hope you'll find the information on this web site helpful, but always feel free to call on us with any questions you may have. If we can't help you, we'll find someone who can!

The main location of Dowdy Student Stores is located in the Wright Building in the central area of the main campus – just around the corner from the entrance to Wright Auditorium.

We're your headquarters: 
  • Textbooks (Rental, Digital, New and Used) & Course Materials
  • Computers and Software at Educational Discounts
  • School and Art Supplies
  • Technology & Accessories
  • ECU Pirates logo imprinted Clothing and Merchandise .. GO PIRATES!
We also offer many services to help students save time, money, or both! Come by and see everything we have to offer at the Dowdy Student Stores. Some of our exciting programs include TEXTBOOK RENTALS, the ability to set-up a BOOKSTORE ACCOUNT, ONLINE TEXTBOOK ORDERINGEARLY-ORDERING BOOKS FOR PICK-UP MOVE-IN WEEKEND, ACADEMIC DISCOUNTS on SOFTWARE and COMPUTERS, and more!

We also run a Health Sciences Bookstore in the Brody Building on the Health Sciences campus, and operate souvenir concessions at athletic facilities.

RENTING Textbooks at ECU

You can RENT your books through Dowdy Student Stores for many of your courses. When selecting your textbooks you'll see the options and pricing for each book: rental, new, used and digital.

A valid credit card is required for renting textbooks. Refund / return dates are specified and should be carefully noted.

Online Textbook Ordering

One of the benefits of ordering textbooks online is that you can have your books boxed and ready for pick-up during fall semester move-in weekend. This option is available for the spring term as well. This is done through our convenient Online Ordering System. This offers both convenience and time savings.


  1. Log into the Online Ordering Web site where you can click "Order Online" or "Compare." If you wish to order rentals or digital e-books, visit the Compare link.   Make your selections under "Choose Your Courses."  Look up each course by department, course number, and section/instructor.
  2. The textbook(s) will be displayed for the course.
  3. Decide if you would like USED, NEW, or RENTAL textbooks.  Some courses have the option for DIGITAL books as well. Consider the advantages to ordering from Dowdy Student Stores, your on-campus bookstore where returns are most convenient and you're ensured of getting the correct title & edition.
  4. Click the quantity to order and place them in an online shopping cart.
  5. When you are finished shopping, hit "Checkout" and complete the buying process for purchases and/or rentals with each vendor.

By ordering books early, you have a greater advantage in securing less-costly USED textbooks since the supply is greater at that time.

Distance Education students can have their books shipped to a home address. Campus students can have books shipped out, shipped to store when buying from Dowdy.

To order your textbooks online, visit the Dowdy Student Store Online Textbook Ordering site.

EARLY-ORDERED TEXTBOOKS shipped to store should be picked up as quickly as possible at the start of the semester, during the hours listed on our web site.

ECU Academic Computing Initiative
Dell, Lenovo ThinkPad & Apple Computers

Choosing a computer is an important and expensive decision! ECU recommends that all students have access to a computer, and certain university majors have requirements that students have a laptop meeting certain minimum specifications. Let us help you through this decision-making process by explaining what a typical student needs in a computer and how the technical support and warranty play such a critical role in your decision. [view details online here]

In addition to Apple, Dell, and Lenovo, Dowdy Student Store has agreements with other manufacturers such as HP, that offer academic discounts to college students. Visit our web site for links to these ECU specific web sites to find pricing information.

General Store Information

Payment Options

Dowdy offers several convenient payment options.

  • Cash
  • Personal Check - with photo ID
  • Credit Card - with photo ID - Visa/MasterCard
  • Bookstore Account - linked to ECU 1 Card
  • Bounty Bucks (former Gold Key)

A CashPoints ATM is located on the Student Plaza nearby.

Wright Building Store Hours for Summer:

Monday - Friday: 7:30am – 5pm

Wright Building Store Hours for Fall and Spring Semesters:

Monday - Thursday: 7:30am – 6 pm
Friday: 7:30am – 5pm
Saturday: 11am - 3pm

Hours may vary and will be posted on our Store Hours page for special events, holidays, and the start of each semester.

Join our E-mail List!

Students and families are invited to join our E-mail list to keep up with news from Dowdy Student Stores.

  • Sales and Special Promotions
  • Book Buyback Dates
  • Where to find Special Coupons and Offers

Join today by clicking here and completing our simple form.

Cash Back for Your Textbooks

The BOOK BUYBACK program at the ECU Dowdy Student Store is one of the best in the country allowing students to sell back their books at the end of the semester for CASH! Not all textbooks are suitable for this program, such as those bundled packages that include a textbook, workbook, CD, and/or an Internet access code. However, the bookstore has met with faculty and identified certain textbooks that will be used again in the next term.

The best reason to sell books back ON CAMPUS is that MORE USED BOOKS STAY ON CAMPUS rather than being taken off campus and sold to other wholesalers across the country! [view details online here]

Scholarship Contributions

You can feel good about shopping at Dowdy Student Stores.  Because our stores are owned and managed by ECU, our profits are returned right back to campus through scholarship contributions and student programs.  We are proud to be be able to support our students, and hope that you too, will take pride in this role.

ECU Dowdy Student Stores

Owned & operated by East Carolina University, our profits are returned to scholarships and campus programs. When you shop with Dowdy Students Stores, you are helping to support ECU students.