University Publications
Final Product


A simple two- or three-fold flyer that does not require academic review takes six to eight weeks to produce. Academic review will add about two weeks to the production schedule. If photography must be scheduled, it will add two to six weeks to the production schedule. Large, detailed pieces can require anywhere from eight weeks to several months to produce depending upon the complexity of the project.

For reprints of publications produced through our office, be sure to contact us rather than the printer. We archive all of our jobs and can easily update your information and obtain a printing estimate for you.

Keep in mind that our peak production time is during the late spring and the summer months when the university is preparing for the new academic year. Although we cannot guarantee production time, with enough lead time, we will do everything possible to meet your scheduling needs.

If your publication is produced on campus through University Printing and Graphics, it will be delivered directly to your office. Off-campus printers ship to the Central Receiving Warehouse on campus. We ask that you review your publication carefully upon delivery to be certain that you are satisfied with the result and that the correct quantity has been delivered. Remember that printing trade customs allow an over- or underrun of 10 percent on the delivery quantity.

If the quality of the printing is poor, or if you did not receive the correct quantity, contact our office immediately. In some cases, a publication may be reprinted if the printer has not followed our specifications. However, such a request must be made in a timely manner. Note: We cannot request a cost-free reprint for typos, mislabeled photographs, or any mistake not corrected during the proof stage.