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Other Logos and Word Marks

ECU Physicians

A word mark has been developed for ECU Physicians that both leverages and supports the brand identity of the larger university. This is the only approved mark for use by the practice, and it is intended for use only in the context of the medical practice. The research, academic, and other functions of the medical school use the primary marks. In all cases, guidelines in this document apply.

image of ECU Physicians word mark

East Carolina Alumni Association

The base mark for the East Carolina Alumni Association is shown at left. There are other variations available including contact information and color variations. Please contact Doug Smith at the Alumni Association (252-328-1959) for permission or questions about this mark.


image of east carolina alumni associaton base mark

Athletics Marks

There are primary and secondary athletics marks that can be used on giveaway items when proper licensing guidelines have been met. Athletics marks are not for use on student recruitment pieces. Please contact Lee Workman (252-737-4531) for further information on using these marks.


image of athletics mark

Pirate Club

The base mark for the ECU Educational Foundation, more commonly referred to as the Pirate Club, is shown at right. This mark is only authorized for use by the Pirate Club and only in the context of officially approved materials. Other versions of the mark are available, including color variations. For more information, contact the Pirate Club at 252.737.4540.


Pirate Club Logo

Arches Logo

Newly produced publications should no longer include the arches logo, as its use and appearance are being phased out. Exclusive use of the centennial mark in place of the arches logo is now encouraged.

Continued distribution of existing publications that include the arches logo is permissible. Once the supply of those publications is exhausted, reprints or redesigns should incorporate the centennial mark in place of the arches logo.


image of the arches logo

University Seal

Use of the university seal should be limited to official documents such as diplomas and certificates.


image of the university seal