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Publications, Promotional Items, and Advertising Standards and Practices

Every communication, print or electronic, sent out by university units reflects on the quality of this institution. To maintain a consistent, high-quality image, the Department of University Publications has produced this manual to ensure adherence to specific publications guidelines.

Whether you bring a publication to University Publications, take it to University Printing and Graphics, hire a freelancer, or do it yourself, you have a responsibility to follow the guidelines in this publication.

All questions concerning these guidelines should be directed to University Publications, Building 198, 1206 Charles Boulevard, 252-328-6037.


Number One

Contact University Publications first. When you decide you need a publication, schedule a meeting with us as soon as possible. We can help you plan out a timetable, determine a budget, and create specifications. We can also plan it, write it, shoot photos, design it, assure that it meets all the standards set by University Marketing, handle the marketing review, and shepherd it through the academic review process and the bid process. And it won’t cost you anything; you just pay the printing bill. What’s the catch? See rule number two.

Number Two

Give yourself plenty of time. Think on the order of months, not weeks. If you come to University Publications, allow two to three months for production of a typical brochure.

The Publications Process

Schedule a time to meet with our staff (call 252-328-6037) to discuss your publication needs. Remember, the earlier the better. Gather the following information for the initial meeting:
• The purpose of the piece
• The audience for the piece
• A delivery date
• A budget
• The quantity you need
• How you plan to distribute the piece
• Prepared text even if it is just a guideline
• Ideas for photographs (and provide what artwork you have)
• Any collateral pieces (envelopes, reply cards, etc.) you may need

Prepare text in Microsoft Word without formatting except for paragraphs and headings and send as an e-mail attachment. Bring or send a hard copy (a printout) of the file to Building 198. Note: Do not send Microsoft Publisher files. It is software designed for department printing, but cannot be output at University Publications, University Printing and Graphics, or any outside printer.

Assist in setting up photo shoots or obtaining photo subjects, if necessary.

You will be asked to approve a mockup of your piece. Remember that academic approval for student recruitment pieces is usually required. Approval by the director of University Marketing is required for all pieces.

For printing at University Printing and Graphics, bring a University Printing and Graphics requisition completed with signatures, FOAP, quantity, and delivery location to Building 198. University Publications will complete the rest of the form.

For off-campus printing costing less than $5,000, submit a completed purchase requisition online along with PDFs of the printing estimates supplied by our office to the Department of Materials Management. For off-campus printing costing more than $5,000, we will send you the printing specifications as an e-mail attachment. Submit this e-mail attachment along with a completed purchase requisition online through PORT to the Department of Materials Management, which will post the specifications on the state’s bid site.

Some of these guidelines are state requirements established for state-funded publications. Others are internal guidelines set out by University Marketing to create a unified appearance and to maintain editorial consistency in all publications, whether print or electronic, published and distributed by East Carolina University.

All questions concerning these guidelines should be directed to University Publications, Building 198, 1206 Charles Boulevard, 252-328-6037.

Fax or send a PDF of a copy of your purchase order to us to confirm the purchase order number, the quantity, and the printer.

Review subsequent mockups as needed and approve a final mockup.

Approve the blueline (the last-chance mockup) from the printer.

Check the quantity and quality of the delivered product and inform our office immediately of any problems.

For other information about publications, go to


Student Recruitment Publications

All publications designed for recruiting students (e.g., brochures, flyers, posters) must be submitted to and reviewed and approved by the Department of University Publications and the director of University Marketing before they can be printed and distributed.

Each publication will be reviewed for editorial consistency, accuracy of information, graphic style, appropriate use of the university word mark and logo, and use of photographs. All recruitment publications containing course listings and degree program information will be reviewed by Academic Affairs and/or by the Graduate School.

In planning a production schedule, the department should allow at least two weeks for the academic review process.


All university marks, including the university name, are federally registered trademarks.

All university marks, including the university name, are federally registered trademarks. In order to protect the university’s licensing agreements and graphic identity standards, promotional items must be designed and reviewed for compliance with these agreements and standards. In addition, these items can only be purchased from vendors who are licensed by the university to produce ECU-trademarked items. A list of these vendors/licensees is available at and/or through the Department of Materials Management. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the Department of Materials Management rejecting payment for these items, in which case the individual placing the order will be responsible for payment.

The university community is encouraged to use official marks in their promotional activities. However, any use of university marks must be consistent with the policies and guidelines established for their use by University Marketing and University Licensing. When using marks/designs to represent the university, only official ECU trademarks should be used. In support of these policies and guidelines, designs for promotional items incorporating university marks must be submitted to University Publications for review and receive approval prior to production. Publications will review designs for compliance and route them as needed for all appropriate approvals. If revisions are required, design assistance can be provided.

Submitting Your Designs
Designs must be submitted as e-mail attachments to Please allow at least two days for review of the designs. Please allow additional time if design assistance is needed. Contact University Publications at 252-328-6037 for more information.

This policy applies every time an order for a promotional item is placed, whether the item is a new production or a reorder that had been approved previously.