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Centennial stationery (letterhead, business cards, envelopes, office forms, and more) is available through University Printing and Graphics and is now recommended for use by all members of the university community. Several color combinations are available for some items, including letterhead.

Regarding stationery, please remember that all departments must follow the standard formats established for university letterhead, business cards, office forms, and other items. Stationery including the arches logo is now being phased out across the university. If you still have a supply of these items, continue to use them until your supply is gone. When it is time to order new stationery items, please order using the new formats.

Call University Printing and Graphics at 252-737-1301 to order stationery. Its staff members have the approved formats for all ECU stationery items and business forms, and every effort must be made to print these items on campus. Once you have received an order of printed stationery, you may download the Word document from our Web site here, which will have margins in place for correctly aligning the body of the letter with the preprinted graphics of the letterhead.

If you require an electronic version of the letterhead, UP&G can create a customized Word template-for a nominal fee-for you to attach to your emails.

image of a variety of stationery options