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The University Image

The University Image

The University Image is a comprehensive guide that describes the graphic, editorial, and procedural standards for East Carolina University's marketing and advertising efforts. This manual has been created to help those members of the community engaged in marketing and advertising the university and its programs to ensure quality and consistency in their projects. Included within its pages is valuable information pertaining to the university image regulation, advertising regulation, unified visual identity, publications regulations, printing at ECU, and writing style. Also included is the university style guide, which answers common questions about grammar and editorial style for marketing and advertising publications.

The publications manual is an extension of University Marketing and University Publications, located at 1206 Charles Boulevard. While it is intended to explain in detail the standards of creating marketing and promotional materials at East Carolina, it is by no means the only support offered by our office. If at any time you would like assistance with the creation of a publication or advertisement, please contact us. Our staff comprises enthusiastic, friendly professionals in the fields of graphic design, writing, editing, photography, and illustration, and we are available to assist you in any way we can.
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