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Tomorrow Starts Here

“Tomorrow starts here.” should appear on all university publications.

The typeface used is Gotham Bold.

tomorrow starts here image A

tomorrow starts here image B

“Tomorrow starts here” is the unified marketing message for the entire university community. The concepts and content of all marketing materials should incorporate this message in a manner appropriate to the specific piece. The wording and punctuation of the message should not be altered in any way. Distinctive message points for a particular program can be used as headlines or in body copy, but they should not be used as a tagline or slogan.

“Tomorrow starts here” is written as a sentence, followed by a period. The message can appear with the East Carolina word mark when appropriate. Typically, it is most appropriate in recruiting materials, in ads that promote the university’s image, and in development pieces.

Tomorrow Starts Here Placement

“Tomorrow starts here” is a message that helps to define the university in its recruitment and image-building publications. On covers that use a photograph prominently, the message can appear imposed on or knocked out of the photo, provided
• there is ample clear area in the photograph to make the message both visible and easily read;
• the message and photo are mutually reinforcing.

The typeface is Gotham Bold; at full scale, the size is 10 point.

When not possible to overlay on a cover photo, “Tomorrow starts here” can be tucked up under the East Carolina University word mark.