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Treatment of the ECU Word Mark

East Carolina can be thought of as our brand, and each school, division, and office is a product marketed under the umbrella of that brand. What we are striving to do with the visual identity program is strengthen the perception of the ECU brand and, by association, all of the products that make up that brand. A key element in implementing the visual identity program is the placement and treatment of the name “East Carolina University.” Poor recognition of the university name among our various audiences suggests that a strong and consistent treatment of our name be applied to all publications produced for the university. Use one of the following treatments of the name on the cover or main face of your publication.

The university name and the various versions of the logotype are registered trademarks. Official versions of the artwork with the appropriate registration symbol (as seen below) are available from University Publications. Use of these marks without the registration symbol is strongly discouraged.

image of preferred treatment of the word mark
This is the preferred treatment of the university name, to be used in most cases. In all applications, kerning needs to be applied to the mark. Depending on the size of the mark, but especially in larger sizes, individual letter spacing and word spacing adjustments will be required.

The East Carolina name is to be treated as shown in the examples on this page. The typeface is always Centaur. The typeface always prints in one color, preferably purple, gold, or black or as a reverse white. The name, as shown in these examples, is used to introduce and identify the university on the cover of any printed piece. The centennial mark should not be used for this purpose. On multipage pieces, the centennial mark should not appear on the cover. The centennial mark should appear on the outer back panel of multipage pieces where it closes a piece, much as a signature closes a letter.

image of treatment to maximize the size and impact of the east carolina name
Use this treatment to maximize the size and impact of the East Carolina name.

Consider this question first when designing any publication: where will the name go? In most cases, the East Carolina name will be the first thing read on a piece. The name “East Carolina University” appears prominently, clearly, and consistently in ads, on postcards and other single-page pieces, and on the covers of multipage documents and printed pieces.
image of treatment for limited space
Use this treatment when there is limited space for the East Carolina name. Tracking (letterspacing) can be adjusted depending on the amount of space available. Tracking should range between 100 and 1000 (InDesign units)