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No Need for an Office or Desktop Printer when you have a Networked CopiServ Copier!

Copiserv Staff

Replacing your office copier...
and scanner, and fax machine!

Through CopiServ, ECU's copier management system, we can provide your office with a new copier and all the supplies you need at a low, per-copy price. Should your copying needs outgrow this initial installation, a higher-volume machine will be substituted at any time.

With a data connection, your networked copier becomes the office printer!  Many features you would never expect to find on a printer are available on the machine, such as duplexing, collating and stapling sets.

An added plus is the option of scanning and faxing on some machines. With the proper connections, these features offer great efficiencies, with time and equipment! A CopiServ customer service representative will visit each site at least once per week to clean the glass, replenish paper supplies, check toner, perform routine maintenance and answer any questions you might have about your system. Fast response to service requests is just a phone call away.

Thanks to other benefits such as reliable monitoring, prompt service, and monthly billing, CopiServ has proven itself as the ideal choice for onsite self-serve copying at East Carolina University. It allows departments to eliminate the need to purchase a copier and maintain a service contract. It also reduces the need to stock and keep inventory of paper and toner.

CopiServ is the copier management system in place at East Carolina University for all departments.

Service, Service, Service!
  • Weekly visits by Customer Service Representatives keep your machine in top shape.
  • On-campus Customer Service Representatives dispatched to your copier within thirty minutes during regular business hours.
  • Emergency copying handled through Rapid Copy Center at no cost if your machine is down.

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience!

  • Paper delivered right to your office, right when you need it.
  • If your volume of copying increases to the point where you need a new machine, we will upgrade it to a more effective machine as quickly as possible.

Cost, Cost, Cost!

  • It's probably less than you would expect, especially considering that the simple per-copy price includes a new machine, all machine supplies, paper, service, and a replacement machine at the end of that copier's useful life.
  • You receive an itemized monthly bill showing exactly how many copies were run and charging you for only those copies.
  • No service contract or warranty charges to worry about.

Need to make copies after-hours?

Joyner Library has scanners and printers. Scanning is free. Student printing can often be covered by an allotment they receive each semester. Faculty, staff, non-ECU affiliates, and students who exceed their allocations can pay at the Circulation Desk to print; for details, see http://libanswers.ecu.edu/faq/16502.

For professional, on-campus office copier equipment and service, call CopiServ!

CopiServ: 328-2326
Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm