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A requisition form must accompany all work orders submitted to University Printing & Graphics and ECU Rapid Copy. Using our Online Requisition System is preferred; however, a printed requisition form may be used instead. Printed order forms are available at no charge through our department. To request next day delivery of a forms packet, call 737-1301 or e-mail your request to Nita Burroughs at burroughssh@ecu.edu. 

Whether your job is to be printed on press, requires design and imaging services only or calls for copy services, please use the Printing and Copying Services Requisition. We can also gather information about your job and provide you with a cost estimate on your incoming order. 

Sample Requisition

Please use the following e-mail addresses for requesting estimates, sending mailing list files, or providing details about a pending job requisition. 

Bulk Mail Services: upgmailing@ecu.edu

Rapid Copy Center: rapidcopy@ecu.edu

University Printing & Graphics: upgprinting@ecu.edu

We ask that you refrain from sending files
directly to a staff member's personal mailbox. Doing so could delay the delivery date of your job, and we would not want that to occur. The exception to this is when communicating one-on-one with a graphic designer once your job is in progress. Customers who normally place their large graphic files on the UP&G server should continue that practice.
Be sure to note any file names sent via e-mail on your signed requisition form. Also, please include your requisition number in the subject line of any e-mail message communicating about a pending project.

We appreciate your business, and look forward to working with you on any printing, copying, or mailing needs! If you have any further questions, please call 737-1301 for assistance.