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Reporting a Problem with an ECU Drink Vending Machine

Please use this form to report a problem with a DRINK Vending machine located on the ECU campus, including the Health Sciences campus and ECU Physicians Clinics. You may also call (252) 737-1301 to report a problem with a drink vending machine. 

In case of emergency or dangerous matters, such as vandalism, broken glass, etc., please contact the ECU Police Department, (252) 328-6787 or press the "Emergency" button on a blue-light phone. 

Refunds are handled through the ECU Dowdy Student Stores. A reimbursement form is available at the Dowdy Student Store accounting office, or the Health Sciences Bookstore at the Brody Building. You will need to supply the location of the machine and details of the problem. You will also need to present your ECU 1 Card and provide the last 4 digits of your Banner ID number to obtain a refund. Some of the larger campus facilities have a building coordinator who handles refunds for greater convenience.

Questions should be directed to ECU Vending Services, (252) 737-1301, or 737-1310.
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