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Beverage Order Request

Please use this form to order beverages to be used for East Carolina University events or for departmental use as allowed, and call 737-1310 to confirm the order.

  • FOAP account codes are required for expediting of the order.
  • Once you complete the form and hit "submit," you will see a confirmation screen. Here you may edit your responses or confirm your request. You MUST submit this confirmation or your order will not go through.
  • You must order by the case, which typically includes 24  20-oz. bottles in a tray/case, or 24 cans packaged in two 12-pack cartons. Fruit juices are typically packaged 12 - small 5 oz. cans or 15.2 oz bottles per case.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Consolidated, Inc. is the exclusive provider all soft drinks and water sold or given away on the property of East Carolina University, and at university sponsored events.  Coca-Cola brand products including soda, water, sports drinks, and juices are available for purchase for these events through Aramark or through ECU Vending. Bulk bottled water is also available as a commodity item through ECU Central Stores.

Please be aware that there are University policies applicable to special event locations, purposes, and activities, as well as expenditures using state, non-state, and special funds. See the ECU Business Manual and Student Handbook for details. It is the department or group's responsibility to comply with all university policies.

Advance notice of at least 1 week is preferred for all orders.

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Contact Email Address

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Some Departments require additional approvals before an order can be submitted
(Example-1 case Coke, 20 oz. bottles)

If more than 5 cases, customer may need to pick up at Harris Building, 2612 E. 10th St.
Please enter room and building for delivery, and who to contact upon arrival. Provide directions if new customer.

6-digit FUND number

6-digit ORGANIZATION number to be Charged

5-digit ACCOUNT to be Charged

4-digit PROGRAM number to be Charged

ACTIVITY Number to be Charged, if applicable

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