Curriculum Support

Leadership & Professional Development Program – The College of Business has developed a series of courses in professional development and leadership that is required of all undergraduate students. These courses will teach students what it means to be a professional and a leader and how to act and interact in business and social settings. The courses will be heavily infused with outside speakers and facilitators from the local, regional, and national business communities. It is unique and effective at developing future business students who are ready to assume positions of leadership. The cost of the first year has already been underwritten by a donor. We seek to cover the cost of the balance of the program as a demonstration to students of how important leadership development is to the business community courses. Individual courses could be named as an alternative to naming the program. Goal: Endowment of $2.5 million - or annually funded at $100,000 per year. Impact of over 750 students per year.

Small Business Certificate (naming opportunity) – In Spring 2013 the college initiated a new program designed to provide a business background for non-business majors who are interested in converting their passions into successful enterprises. Majors in art, design, dance, computer science and many others take a four course program that leads them through the basics of recognizing and evaluating business opportunities, marketing, accounting, finance, and the preparation of a business plan. This program will significantly increase the probability that these students can start or support successful small business operations. Funding is needed to support acquiring faculty. Goal: Endowment of $500,000 for naming or annually funded at $15,000 per year. Impact of over 100 future small business owners per year.

Student Investment Fund – Many finance departments have a student managed investment fund that they run as part of their coursework. The profits from the fund are used to fund various student activities. These funds provide students real life investment management experience as well as serving as a tool for attracting the best finance students. The college has a large and popular finance department with about 150 majors. Goal: $500,000. Impact of over 60 students per year with earning to support scholarships.

Personal Finance Program – The increasing cost of attending college coupled with a lack of personal financial education has led to student loan debt exceeding $1 trillion, a sum that exceeds all credit card debt combined. This debt will be a drag on our graduates’ lives and on the economy for decades. Much of it could be avoided through increased financial awareness and sophistication. The college has been offering 1,000 students per year education in personal finance. This course always runs at capacity. External funding is needed to expand course availability on campus and to further extend educational opportunities across the region. Goal: Endowment of $400,000 for naming or annually funded at $15,000 per year. Impact of over 1,000 students per year.

Business Etiquette - All students in the third leadership course are required to attend a campus-sponsored etiquette dinner. One way the business community can emphasize its support for leadership development is by attending and financially supporting the dinner. Goal: Endowment of $350,000 or annually funded at $15,000 per year. Impact of over 750 students per year.