Infrastructure & Technology

Modern Learning Environment - As our leadership program matures and more College of Business classes are taught emphasizing leadership, communications, interaction, and engagement, we find our classroom design needs modernizing. Our rooms were designed in the early 1980s when current technologies were inconceivable. We want to redesign our classrooms to accommodate a more flexible and engaged instructional approach. The rooms will have rapidly reconfigurable furniture and collaborative multimedia technology. Faculty are actively re-designing their courses to take advantage of new and innovative instructional methods.The infrastructure needs to support the curriculum. Funding has been acquired to convert 2 classrooms. We need to update four at $75,000 each. Impact of over 3,500 students per year.

Lab (naming opportunity) – The current computer lab was designed in the mid 1980s and has served the college well for nearly 30 years. It is time that it be reconfigured to reflect current student computing needs. The computer hardware is supplied by student computer fees. External funding is needed to reconfigure the lab environment. Goal: $125,000. Impact of over 3,500 students per year.