Business Professional's Application Form

A successful connection depends on both parties sharing common goals and expectations, committing to a mentoring practice, along with giving and receiving trust and respect. As a professional, and by sharing your expertise with a student, you are leaving a legacy and guiding another's career path.

Once you've completed the form below, you will be added to our database and may be matched with a student based on your background.  You will receive the matched student's name and contact information via email from our Business Advisory Network office.  You should initiate the first contact either by email or phone. After initial contact, it is entirely up to you whether you invite the student to contact you -- and by which contact method he/she is allowed to reach out to you.

Points to consider discussing with your student:

  • their career aspirations
  • their strengths and weaknesses
  • what they've learned from the Leadership program?
  • what business classes have most interested them?

Also, sharing your past college and business experiences with students is always helpful.

You may select more than more contact method.

Comments from business professionals:

"It was a privilege to connect with a student and learn about him and the COB..."

"My student offered some insight into the Leadership Program now in place..."

"It was good to learn about the student's experiences, even if he had not had very many opportunities to learn from alumni..."

"This may be a first experience for a student..."

"It may be easiest to email and ask for a resume to start the conversation -- some students are further along in their development."