Nominate Alumni for an 'Alumni Impact Award'Nominate

Nomination Process and Criteria
  • Award nominations are accepted all year-round and remain active for three years
  • The Service, Entrepreneur and Lifetime Achievement Awards are presented at the COB Awards Banquet held annually in XXXXX
  • Award recipients must be present at the banquet to receive award - no exceptions are made
  • The Speaker award recipient is invited to speak at the May College of Business Graduate Recognition Ceremony but is not required to attend the awards banquet.
  • Nominations must be submitted by August to be considered for the following April
  • Incomplete nominations will not be considered
  • Additional information such as resumes, articles or letters of support may be included with submissions and are encouraged
  • A selection committee comprised of alumni will identify a ranked list of nominees from which the Dean will select the final award recipient
  • The committee reserves the right to give special consideration to nominees who are not COB graduates.

Service Award

ecognizes service by a College of Business graduate who helps build to sustain the alumni and student network. Service is defined as meaningful commitment of one's time and talent by actively engaging (either locally or remotely) in the College of Business programs and initiatives. Examples include helping students find jobs and internships, participating and promoting alumni events and activities, serving as a mentor, volunteering for one of the many COB departments, centers, or advisory boards.

Entrepreneur of the Year

ecognizes a COB graduate who has proven innovative and successful in a business venture of his/her own creation of reinvention. Preference is given to entrepreneurs who have been in business for at least five years. However, consideration will also be given to emerging entrepreneurs who exhibit the business acumen, drive and dedication essential to long term success.

Lifetime Achievement

eserved for a COB graduate who has made significant achievements in his/ her career and is recognized as an industry and community leader. This individual exemplifies the core values of the COB, inspires students and is a source of pride for his or her alma mater. This award will not necessarily be presented every year and will only be bestowed as deemed appropriate by the awards committee based on the pool of candidates.

Special Speaker

 special honor bestowed upon an individual to address the graduates and academic community of the College. The speaker may or may not be a College of Business graduate but will be someone who has made significant achievements in his or her career, is recognized as an industry and community leader, and exemplifies the core values of East Carolina University and the College of Business. He/she should be a source of inspiration to the students and a proven public speaker.