911 Technology, Policy, and Information Management Group

Group Members

Elaine Seeman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Group Leader
Management Information Systems
342 Slay Hall
(252) 737-1048
fax: 252-737-9872
James E. Holloway, J.D.
Business Law
330 Slay Hall
252) 737-1042
fax: 252-737-9872
James W. Kleckley, Ph.D.
Bureau of Business Research
114 Slay Hall
(252) 737-1441
fax: 252-737-2165

The Group's purpose is to conduct specialized research to assess and propose business and government plans, policies, and actions establishing and maintaining state Enhanced (E) 911 and Next Generation (NG) 911 systems. The Group uses research and education to assess, assist, and inform government or business on technology, propose business and government policy solutions, and examine 911 information management systems of state NG911 or E911 system.

The Group's mission is to support and assist public and private sectors by studying and researching management information systems, technology, and public policy. The Group conducts studies and performs research using quantitative and qualitative analytical methods and business, public policy, technology, and technical expertise. The Group uses the data and analysis to examine and propose business strategies and government policies. The Group uses management, market, government, and other findings to manage government and business strategies relating to telecommunications, public policy, and information management.

The Group's most recent research to further business and government management in the 911 industry include the following study and publications:

  • Research Study, Propose An Enhanced (E) 911 Funding Model for the State of North Carolina, for North Carolina 911 Board, January 2010, investigators; Elaine Seeman, James E. Holloway, James Kleckley, & Frederick Niswander.
  • Next Generation 911: When Technology Drives Public Policy, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS CONTINUITY AND RISK MANAGEMENT, Elaine Seeman and James E. Holloway, Vol. 4, No. 1, Pp. 23-35 (2012).
  • How Non-Voice Access Technology Is Driving the Creation of Federal and State NG911 Service and IP-Enabled Communications Network Policies, James E. Holloway and Elaine Seeman, TEMPLE Journal of Science Technology. & Environmental Law, Vol. 31, No. 1, Pp. 59-92 (Summer 2012).
  • The First Step in Modernizing Our 911 Emergency Call Centers:Revising the State Enhanced (E) 911 Legislative Funding Scheme to Efficiently Distribute 911 Funds, Elaine Seeman, James E. Holloway, James Kleckley, & Frederick Niswander, University of Illinois Journal Law Technology & Policy, Vol. 2012, No. 2, Pp. 289-346 (Fall 2012).