Ashley, Christy

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Christy Ashley, Associate Professor
Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management
College of Business
East Carolina University
3206D Bate Building
Greenville, North Carolina 27858-4353
  Christy Ashley (Ph.D., University of Rhode Island) joined the College of Business in the fall of 2008 as an Assistant Professor of Marketing. Her primary research focuses on the development, management, and dissolution of consumer-brand relationships. Her research has been published in the Journal of Retailing, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, and Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, among others. Dr. Ashley serves on the Editorial Review Board of Service Industries Journal and serves as webmaster for the American Academy of Advertising.  She teaches Marketing Strategy, Market Research, and Customer Relationship Management.

Recent Publications

Ashley, Christy and Stephanie M. Noble (2014), "It's Closing Time: Territorial Behaviors from Customers in Response to Front Line Employees," Journal of Retailing, 90(1), 74-92.

Ashley, Christy, Sharon Collins and Susan Thornton (2014), "Experiential Learning in Second Life: An Application in Retail Management." Atlantic Marketing Journal's Special Issue on Innovative Teaching, 3(2), 94-112.

Ashley, Christy (2013), "E-tailing on," Marketing Education Review, 23(1), 73-80.

Leonard, Hillary and Christy Ashley (2012), "Exploring the Underlying Dimensions of Violence in Print Advertisements," Journal of Advertising, 41(1), 77-90.

Oliver, Jason D. and Christy Ashley (2012), "Creative Leaders' Views on Managing Advertising Creation," Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 20(3), 335-348.

Sheinin, Daniel A., Sajeev Varki and Christy Ashley (2011), "The Differential Effect of Ad Novelty and Message Usefulness on Brand Judgments," Journal of Advertising, 40(3), 5-17.

Tuten, Tracy and Christy Ashley (2011), "Promotional Strategies for Small Businesses: Group Buying Deals." Small Business Institute Journal, 7(2), 15-29.

Ashley, Christy, Jason D. Oliver, Deborah E. Rosen and Kathleen Ferris-Costa (2011), "Consumer and Retailer Attitudes toward Branded Events in Retail Settings," Journal of Marketing at Retail, 1(1), 13-29.

Ashley, Christy, Stephanie M. Noble, Naveen Donthu and Katherine N. Lemon (2011), "Why Customers Won't Relate: Obstacles to Relationship Marketing Engagement," Journal of Business Research, 64(7), 749-756.

Ashley, Christy, Mark Ligas and Arjun Chaudhuri (2010), "Hedonic Store Environments Can Help Retailers Overcome Low Store Accessibility," Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 18(3), 269-282.

Ashley, Christy and Jason D. Oliver (2010), "Creative Leaders: 30 Years of Big Ideas," Journal of Advertising, 39(1), 115-130.

Ashley, Christy and Hillary A Leonard (2009), "Betrayed by the Buzz? Covert Content and Consumer–Brand Relationships," Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 28(2), 212-220.

Ashley, Christy and Sajeev Varki (2009), "Loyalty and its Influence on Complaining Behavior and Service Recovery Satisfaction," Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior, 22, 21-35.


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