ECU College of Business

Faculty & Staff

Dean - Stanley G. Eakins
Associate Dean - Paul Schwager
Associate Dean - Student & Faculty Development - Shanan G. Gibson
Associate Dean -  External Affairs - James R. Westmoreland
Assistant Dean - Assessment & Accreditation - Scott Dellana

Director of Outreach - Paige Sammons

Public Communications Specialist - Michael Rudd

Admin Support Associate - vacant
Executive Assistant - Kim Smith

Business Services Coordinator (Budget) - Renita Harley
Business Services Coordinator (Human Resources) - Kathy Pruitt

Graduate Programs
Director - Paul Russell
Administrative Associate - Betsy Criscitiello
Assistant Director - Andrea Fillipovich
Assistant Director - Leonard Mansfield

Technology, Information & Operations
Director - Len Rhodes
Administrative Support Associate (TIO Office) - Tywanda Newsome
Administrative Support Associate (Student Tech Ctr) - Marcie Southward
Instructional Technology Consultant - Jeff Hope
Instructional Technology Consultant - Jason Jones
Technology Support Analyst - Kim Watkins
Technology Support Analyst - Mark Harrington
Technology Support Technician - Aaron Sitzman
University Program Specialist - Shelly Spear

Center for Student Success (Includes Advising Center, Business Communication Center & Career Center)
COB Advising Center
Administrative Associate - Cindy Haddock
Assistant Director - Amy Eason
Assistant Director - Tamette Goddard
Assistant Director - Brad McAllister
Associate Director - Steve Myszak
Assistant Director - Aisha Powell
Assistant Director - Kevin Williams
Assistant Director - Drew Winters

Business Communication Center
Director - Richard O'Dor

COB Career Center
Director - Lee Brown
Assistant Director - Mark Stewart 

Leadership & Professional Development Program
Director - Lee Grubb

Professional Services and Research
Director - James Kleckley

Small Business Institute
Director - Michael Harris