Finance Concentration
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The BSBA in finance offers the student an opportunity to study a wide variety of financial topics. Concentrations are offered in finance and risk management and insurance.  Finance concentration students interested in corporate or managerial finance should consider choosing among the following courses as possible electives: ACCT 3551, ACCT 3621, FINA 4414, FINA 4454, FINA 4734.  Note: Students with an interest in banking or investments should consider the following as possible electives: FINA 4404, FINA 4414, FINA 4654, FINA 4734, and FINA 4964. Students with an interest in international finance should consider FINA 4404, FINA 4414, FINA 4454, and FINA 4964 as possible electives. Students with an interest in real estate should consider FINA 3554, FINA 4604, FINA 4654, and FINA 4964 as possible electives.

  • FINA 3144 Financial Markets
  • FINA 3824 Financial Analysis and Planning
  • FINA 3904 Investments

Choose 9 s.h. from (a minimum of 6 s.h. must be above 3999 or have an ACCT prefix

  • ACCT 3551 Intermediate Accounting
  • ACCT 3621 Cost Accounting
  • FINA 3154 Principles of Risk Management & Insurance
  • FINA 3554 Principles of Real Estate
  • FINA 4404 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • FINA 4414 Derivatives and Financial Risk Management
  • FINA 4454 International Finance
  • FINA 4604 Real Estate Financing
  • FINA 4654 Commercial Bank Management
  • FINA 4734 Financial Management II
  • FINA 4964 Topics in Finance

Risk Management and Insurance Concentration (watch video)

The risk management and insurance concentration prepares students for employment in three major areas. The first is insurance agency work, which involves the selling and servicing of insurance products for individuals and businesses. ECU graduates can expect to find employment with these companies both in sales and service positions. The second is an insurance company career, working to create and service the actual insurance products used by firms and individuals to reduce the financial impact of losses. The most common entry-level positions with insurers are underwriter and claims/loss adjuster. Third is the risk management profession. The risk manager of a company anticipates possible losses and develops a plan to survive them. Employment opportunities in a corporate risk management department include risk analyst, loss control specialist, and claims manager.

Concentration Course Requirements (18 semester hours)

  • FINA 3154 Principles of Risk Management & Insurance
  • FINA 3884 Corporate & Financial Risk Management
  • FINA 4354 Commercial Property and Liability Insurance
  • FINA 4854 Employee Benefits and Retirement Planning

Select two from:

  • FINA 3144 Financial Markets
  • FINA 3554 Principles of Real Estate
  • FINA 3904 Investments
  • FINA 4244 Insurance Law
  • FINA 4964 Topics in Finance
  • MKTG 4762 Services Marketing

General Business - 18 s.h.

The concentration in general business offers students the opportunity to acquire a general overview of the skills necessary to manage human and physical resources. Although primarily designed for distance education students, students on campus may choose this concentration. Enrollment in this concentration will be limited by the resources available. Distance education students will receive priority in enrollment in distance education courses. Complete 18 s.h. of credit as detailed below:

  • ACCT 4921 - Accounting for Business Professionals
  • FINA 3144 - Financial Markets
  • MGMT 4242 - Organizational Behavior or  PSYC 3241 - Personnel and Industrial Psychology
  • MKTG 4732 - Consumer Behavior
  • OMGT 4733 - Project Management

Choose 3 s.h. from:

  • FINA 3904 - Investments
  • MGMT 4402 - Human Resource Management
  • Other courses approved by advisor