College of Business Graduate Programs - Admission Requirements

The MBA and MSA degree programs are open to students with baccalaureate degrees in any discipline from institutions accredited by a CHEA-recognized institutional accrediting agency who present evidence of their ability to pursue graduate study.  The decision is based on a combination of factors, including, but not limited to, satisfying minimum point totals and Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores as noted below.

If after reviewing the information below you have questions about admission requirements, please contact the College of Business Graduate Programs office at (252) 328-6970 (toll free at 866-592-0835) or email
Master of Business Administration (MBA)  Requirements

Applicants who have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.7 and a GMAT score of 500 or more qualify for admission.

Applicants whose cumulative GPA is less than 2.7 and/or score less than 500 on the GMAT will be considered for conditional admission based on the following formula: (200 x GPA) + GMAT 950.  The minimum GMAT score that will be considered is 450.
Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) Requirements

Students seeking admission to the MSA program must score at least 1000 points based on the formula: (200 x GPA) + GMAT >= 1000, with a minimum GMAT score of 500 from an undergraduate program.  No distinction is made based upon the difference in time between a student's graduation date and the start of the semester he or she wishes to enter the program.

In addition, a student who majored in accounting as an undergraduate must have a 2.8 GPA or better in their upper-division accounting classes (generally Intermediate Accounting I and higher).

International Students
International students must score 50 points greater than domestic students in the above formula total and GMAT minimum score requirements and must also satisfy minimum TOEFL score requirements of 213 (computer exam) or 550 (paper exam). For the TOEFL iBT (Internet based exam), the minimum score is 20 for each of the four sections with a total score of 80.  In addition, sixteen years total education is mandatory.

Other Admission Information
Students must have a baccalaureate degree (in any subject) from an institution accredited by at least a regional association or accrediting agency.  The degree must be in-hand by the date graduate study is to commence (ECU students see “6-hour rule” below).  The total amount of pre-graduate schooling must be at least sixteen years (12 years of high school plus 4 years of college).

The GMAT test date must be within five years of the application date.  Other standardized tests are not acceptable. Visit for GMAT information and study software. Plan to take the GMAT at least one month prior to the application deadline.

If you have completed an advanced degree which required an entrance exam (GRE, LSAT, etc.) or if you have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.3 or greater and have 10 years of professional experience (after completion of undergraduate degree), you may qualify for a waiver of our GMAT requirement.

East Carolina University makes available the provision that an applicant can use the most recent upper-level 30 semester hours of undergraduate or graduate coursework in lieu of all undergraduate coursework when determining formula point totals.  This provision is subject to the approval of the Director of Graduate Programs, College of Business on a case-by-case basis.  In such a case, the minimum point totals indicated above each increase by 50 points.

The TOEFL requirement is waived for international students if the undergraduate degree is from a US college or university.
The College of Business does not require letters of recommendation or a statement of purpose.

Applicants are admitted to the MBA and MSA programs only upon the issuance of a formal letter of admission by the Graduate School.

Students must be admitted to the MBA or MSA program in order to enroll in College of Business graduate classes.  Students cannot take graduate business classes with non-degree graduate student status without first receiving approval from the COB Graduate Programs office.

The Graduate School will destroy incomplete applications one year after the beginning date of the term of intended enrollment.6-hour Rule: ECU seniors within six semester hours (or less) of completion of all undergraduate degree requirements may enroll in 5000- or 6000-level courses applicable to graduate degree requirements in addition to their final undergraduate classes.

Students must apply and be admitted into the MBA or MSA program prior to enrolling in graduate business courses.  The student must complete all remaining undergraduate degree requirements during the semester the student begins taking graduate classes.  Failure to fulfill this requirement will result in cancellation of admission to graduate degree study and enrollment in any 6000-level courses will be invalidated.

Grad Admission Requirements

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