Graduate Assistantships

The College of Business
offers graduate students assistantship positions that assist professors in research or course administration, or provides support in the COB computer lab.  Returning graduate assistants who have received favorable evaluations are given first consideration for  assistantship awards and remaining graduate assistantships are awarded based on GMAT score and academic achievement.  Awards given are based on available funding and need and vary from semester to semester. All students who apply for a graduate assistantship may not receive one.  Early application is recommended.

Graduate assistantships (GA) are typically awarded in 10 to 20 hour increments.  Students must be enrolled as full-time (9 semester hours/3 classes), with at least one face-to-face class during a fall or spring semester to be eligible for a GA. Students do not have to be enrolled during summer sessions to be eligible for a GA. Students must be in good academic standing to be eligible for a GA. Students on probation or those who have not made satisfactory progress toward satisfying their program requirements (i.e., dropping one or more classes each term) will not be considered for a GA. Students must receive satisfactory performance evaluations to be considered for a GA in a following semester. GAs will be terminated for non-performance of job duties.

Students must submit a separate application for each term (fall, spring, 1st summer session, 2nd summer session) that they wish to be considered for a graduate assistantship.  In addition, students must apply each term even if they currently have a graduate assistantship.  A current resume is required to be uploaded with the online application.  The awarding of assistantships is typically done in phases and students will be notified via email if/when they are awarded a graduate assistantship. All students who apply for a graduate assistantship may not receive one. Early application is recommended.

Early applications are encouraged as positions will be filled as they become available. For full consideration, applications must be received by the following deadlines. In order to complete an application, a student must be accepted and registered for graduate business courses.

GA Application Timelines:

Spring: Open Oct. 15 - Close Nov. 15

Summer 1: Open Jan. 3 - Close Jan. 17

Summer 2: Open Apr. 16 - Close Apr. 30

Fall : Open May 1 - Close Jul 1

Assistantship Hours
Graduate assistantships (GA) are typically awarded in 10 to 20 hour increments. Students who receive a 20 hour graduate assistantship in one semester are not guaranteed a 20 hour GA in following semesters. International students are limited to a 20 hour per week GA (fall and spring semesters). This is a federally mandated regulation and there are no exceptions. They must also coordinate all employment with East Carolina University International Affairs.

Fall and Spring Semesters
10-Hour Graduate Assistantship
   (10 hrs/week=150 hrs/sem= $2250)
20-Hour Graduate Assistantship
    (20 hrs/week =300 hrs/sem=$4500)

Summer Sessions
10-Hour Graduate Assistantship
     (10 hrs/week=50 hrs/sess= $750)
20-Hour Graduate Assistantship
     (20 hrs/week=100 hrs/sess=$1500)
Employment Dates
Graduate assistantships begin on drop/add registration day and end with the last day of exams. GAs are not expected to work holidays or during student breaks; however, they are expected to work through the last day of exams.

Employment dates:
Spring 2018: Jan 8 - May 3
Summer 1 2018: May 14 - Jun 19
Summer 2 2018: Jun 21 - Jul 27
Fall 2017: Aug 21 - Dec 13

Outside Employment
Recipients of a COB Graduate Assistantship agree not to accept any other employment without the prior approval of the COB Graduate Programs Office. If a graduate assistant has additional employment outside the College of Business, the graduate assistant will be expected to make their College of Business graduate assistantship a priority over outside job responsibilities.

Graduate assistantships are independent of tuition waivers. Students receive a bi-monthly paycheck rather than an amount applied to their tuition bill.

Complete Online Application

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Note: If prompted for a username and password, please use your ECU email address and passphrase. When off-campus, you must enter INTRA/ in front of your username.

Graduate Assistantship Duties and Hours

Mandatory Meeting
There is a mandatory graduate assistantship meeting each semester that all College of Business graduate assistants must attend. This is applicable to new graduate assistants and those who have received a graduate assistantship in previous semesters. All students receiving a CoB graduate assistantship must attend the CoB graduate assistantship meeting or risk losing their assistantship.

Upcoming GA meeting dates:
Spring 2018: January 8

Summer 2018: May 14