Sustaining environments, businesses, and social and cultural identities requires an interdisciplinary approach and perspective. The MS-ST program draws upon emerging sustainability sciences ranging from the physical to the social to address complex sustainable tourism issues. Science and education are critical partners in the sustainable, long-term management of tourism, and this program provides the foundation for this new approach to sustainable management.

Who can earn an MS-ST?

Participation in the MS in Sustainable Tourism program requires commitment, motivation, and excellent academic preparation. Completion of the program will typically require two years, both of which will be spent in residence at East Carolina University. Students must have a strong motivation to work independently as well as collaboratively with fellow students and faculty.

The program is anchored on four core sustainability and tourism courses—an introductory course, a science course, a business course, and a planning and policy course. In addition, students will choose from a set of electives and can opt for independent study or internship experience. Both thesis and non-thesis options are offered.
Program Goals

  • Provide a strong foundation for careers in varied tourism entities;

  • Provide culturally diverse coursework specific to the tourism industry;

  • Meet industry demand for degreed professionals who can manage complex sustainable tourism environments.
Admission Requirements
Bachelor's Degree,
GMAT/GRE scores,
Three letters of recommendation,
Statement of Purpose,

Application Process

Course Descriptions
University Catalog