The goal of the program of Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality is to develop leaders to assist with the stabilization, expansion, and effective management of sustainable tourism and hospitality operations and organizations. The program provides a strong foundation for career advancement, future doctoral studies, and executive and senior level positions within the many and varied public, private, and nonprofit tourism entities.

Sustaining environments, businesses, and social and cultural identities requires an interdisciplinary approach and perspective. The MS-STH program draws upon emerging sustainability sciences ranging from the physical to the social to address complex sustainable tourism and hospitality issues and business decisions. Science and education are critical partners in the sustainable, long-term management of tourism and hospitality, and this program provides the foundation for this new approach to sustainable management.

Who can earn an MS-STH?

The program is fully online and an excellent choice for those who want to pursue a master's degree, but do not wish to relocate and/or for those working in the industry who wish to complete a graduate degree. The MS-STH program includes the following 30 semester hours of coursework.

Typical 1-year MSTH program


SUTO 6000- Principles of Tourism and Sustainability

SUTO 6100- Environmental Systems and Sustainability

HMGT 6410- Strategic Management of Lodging Operations

HMGT 6400- Critical Analysis of Food Service and Beverage Management Systems

Directed elective



SUTO 6200- Development and Management of Sustainable Tourism

SUTO 6300- Policy and Planning for Sustainable Tourism

HMGT 6310 -Strategic Management of Conventions and Special Events

HMGT 6420- Current Issues and Strategies in Hospitality Management

SUTO 6710- Special Topics in Sustainable Tourism or SUTO 6400- Internship

*Note that HMGT 6310, HMGT 6400, HMGT 6410, and HMGT 6420 comprise a Hospitality Management Graduate Certificate. Students can earn this certificate in addition to the MS-STH

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Dr. Robert O'Halloran, Professor & Director, School of Hospitality Leadership


Dr. Cynthia Deale, Professor, School of Hospitality Leadership

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Bachelor's Degree,
GMAT/GRE scores (or approved GMAT waiver),

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