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How to Register Instructions

All required MBA foundation courses and common body of knowledge courses are offered both fall and spring semesters, with many offered during summer sessions. Business electives are offered fall, spring, and summer sessions on a rotating basis.

Spring and fall classes are scheduled either one night session per week 6:30-9:30pm Monday through Thursday or two afternoon sessions per week, either Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu. There are no Friday or weekend classes.

In addition, all business foundations and common body of knowledge classes are available online so that the entire program may be completed without visiting campus if a student chooses.

For more detailed instructions including screenshots, click here.

Add or Withdraw from a Class
During the Course Adjustment Period (CAP)- A graduate student may make schedule changes (add or delete one or more courses) at any time from the start of registration until the end of the CAP. During this time, students can alter their own schedules via Banner. Adding a course is always subject to seating availability. Students cannot withdraw from all classes on their entire schedule via Banner;please contact your advisor if you want to withdraw from the last class or only class on your schedule. The CAP usually ends four days after the start of a semester. The date can be found on the official university calendar. Once the CAP has passed, a student can withdraw from a course, but can no longer add a course. Switching sections is not allowed after the CAP.

After the CAP- The Registrar's Office processes all requests to withdraw from a class or withdraw from the university for the semester after the CAP.  Students are NOT able to remove a class from their schedule through Banner Self Serve after the CAP. Please copy your advisor on any email correspondence regarding class or term withdrawal.

Students must contact the Registrar's office in-person, email (, or by letter/fax. Graduate students do not need a schedule change form or a signature/approval from the College of Business Graduate Programs office. Students must use their ECU email account for withdrawal correspondence. The student needs to provide the Registrar with the following information: name, ECU Banner ID, course name/number, and reason.


No course is officially withdrawn or added until the required procedure is completed.  It is the student's responsibility to complete the procedure for course withdraws.  You can check the status of your drop by reviewing your Academic Transcript on Banner Self Service.


If a student wishes to drop their only class or to drop all of their classes, the process is called Withdrawal.  All withdrawals must be made prior to the final drop date. Campus based students should contact the Registrar's Office in person or via letter/fax. Distance Education students can contact the Registrar's Office by letter/fax or email at Students must use their ECU email account for drop and withdrawal correspondence. There may be additional paperwork to be completed after your initial email so make sure you complete the entire process. You may not withdraw by phone. Please copy your advisor on any email correspondence regarding dropping a class or withdrawal. You can check the status of your withdrawal by reviewing your Academic Transcript on Banner Self Service.

Registrar's Office Contact Info:
East Carolina University
Office of the Registrar
207 Uptown
Greenville, NC 27858
Phone: (252) 328-6524

After the course adjustment period, but before the course withdrawal deadline (typically 60% of the course):
The Registrar’s Office processes all requests to withdraw from a class after the add deadline. Graduate students
do not need a schedule change form or a signature/approval from the graduate business office. Requests to
withdraw must be sent from the student’s ECU email address.

Final Drop or Withdrawal Date (
The final date to withdraw from a class without a grade for each term can be found on the official University
. The withdrawal date is a hard deadline with no exceptions.

Consequences of Dropping a Graduate Course:

- There is no limit to the number of classes a graduate student in good standing can withdraw from during
their graduate program.
If you are on academic probation, and you withdraw a course after “census day” of the term, the
withdrawn course is included in the number of semester hours allowed under probation. Census Day for
each term can be found on the University calendars.
Withdrawing from a course has Financial Aid implications. If you receive Financial Aid, please contact
their office to discuss your plans.
If you withdraw from a course before the deadline, you will not receive a grade, however the course will
appear on your transcript with a “W”; the drop does not affect your GPA.
If you withdraw from a course that is a prerequisite or co-requisite for another course you are registered
for in a future semester, the withdrawal will impact that subsequent course.

Once you have registered for courses, you may pay your tuition online via PiratePort.  Please check the academic calendar for tuition deadlines.  Schedules are purged for students who have not paid tuition; the entire schedule is purged if there is any balance due.  Please check you tuition statement via PiratePort if you modify your schedule during the registration period.  Keep a copy of your tuition payment receipt for your records.

View current tuition rates for College of Business Graduate campus and DE classes. You may also visit the Cashiers website for more information.

Students who are registered as campus based students pay different fees that give them access to campus based amenities/services like the Student Recreation Center, Student Health Services, etc.   Campus based classes, whether face to face or online, use section numbers that begin with 0xx, like 001, 002, 003, or 061, 062, 063 etc.

Students who are registered as Distance Education students pay less in student fees.  Tuition is typically less for Distance Education classes if a student is part time and taking only online classes.  Distance Education classes are designated with section numbers beginning with 6xx, like 601, 602, 603, or 661, 662, 663 etc.  Students who are registered for all Distance Education classes will not have access to any campus amenities/services except the library.

Financial aid is awarded at a lower rate for Distance Education classes.  If a student is seeking financial aid, they need to determine which type of classes they prefer to register for.  Campus based classes can cost more in tuition, but are awarded higher rates in terms of financial aid.

Students are given a partial tuition refund based on the withdraw date of the class(es).  Not all schedule changes result in a refund.