Mu Kappa Tau - Student Chapter

The Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management recognizes high levels of academic achievement by nominating students each fall and spring semester for membership in Mu Kappa Tau, the International Marketing Honor Society.

Mu Kappa Taus membership is limited to students, majoring in Marketing, who meet exceptional academic requirements.

All students must have an overall cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25 on a 4.00 scale: Juniors ranking in the top 10% of their class and seniors ranking in the top 20% of their class.

Membership privileges include local and international recognition, the opportunity to feature Mu Kappa Tau membership on your resume, membership certificate and pin, graduation cords, nationwide networking and scholarship opportunities, and online career services.

Founded in 1966, by Members of Pi Sigma Epsilon, the national marketing professional fraternity, Mu Kappa Tau is recognized worldwide as the only marketing honor society to offer international recognition.

Mu Kappa Tau is firm in its commitment to the recognition and encouragement of individuals seeking a life-long commitment to an exceptional standard of ethics and achievement within the field of Marketing.

Mu Kappa Tau members uphold the principles of motivation, knowledge, and truthfulness.

Recently Honored
Anthony, Reagan Hanson, Hope Nuccio, Daniel
Bailey, Jeffrey Ingram, Brittany Palcsak, Kevin
Bissette, Casey Joyner, Andrew Paul, Doreen
Boycheva, Kristina Kessinger, Chase Pugh, Brian
Butler, Kathryn King, Casey Sweeney, Samantha
Carlile, Carolyn Leone, Jennifer Szela, Sarah
Cavallo, Michelle Lewis, Michael Trofimov, Serghei
Clemmens, Ryan Longmire, Ryan Warner, Kathryn
Cruce, Joshua Lugo, Anamarie White, Kailyn
Daenenhower, Alicia Massengill, Lauren Whitten, Jeffrey
DeAngelo, Matt McShea, Brittni Wolte, Fanny
Eaton, Alex Meehan, Thomas Zhao, Ye
Gallagher, Daniel Moss, Kylie  

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Judy Wagner, Associate Professor
Marketing and Supply Chain Management
College of Business
Bate 3109
(252) 328-6607