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College of Business Peer Mentors

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Peer Mentors are current College of Business students who serv
e as a mentors or role models to first year business students.  They participate in all College of Business events that are planned for first year students and hold weekly office hours to meet with students. They provide a student's perspective to incoming business students and offer valuable insight by sharing their previous experiences.   Some events that Peer Mentors assist with include:

  • Living-Learning Community (LLC) Move-In Day (Cotten Hall)
  • Fall Orientation
  • ECU Open House (Fall & Spring)
  • ECU Haunted House on College Hill
  • LLC Welcome Day & Water Park
  • LLC American Horror Story
  • LLC Exam Goody Bags
  • LLC Zumba
  • LLC Super Bowl Party
  • LLC Paintball
  • LLC Talks
  • Academic Advisor Training
Spring 2014 Peer Mentors


Neshe' Bond, Senior
Finance & Marketing
Baltimore, MD

I enjoy helping students in the College of Business. Because I was in their shoes a few years ago, I am able to give them advice from a student's perspective. Knowing that I am helping others is my favorite part of being a Peer Mentor.

Franc Desi Franc, Junior
Supply Chain Management & Marketing
Charlotte, NC

I enjoy being a Peer Mentor because it has opened doors for me in the College of Business by getting me involved in my major and introducing me to many people who share similar interests.

Andrew Haynes, Senior
Finance - RMI
Dallas, NC

"It I
s literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others succeed." - Napoleon Hill

Pulido Corey Pulido, Graduate Student
Greenville, NC

If my experiences and struggles can help one person, then I feel I've been successful. I tackle life and ask myself before I dive head first into any situation, "What would a good person do?" At the end of the day, I'm happy with the decisions I make.
Ruppert Samantha Ruppert, Junior
Cary, NC

I like being a Peer Mentor for the simple reason of being able to help out a fellow Pirate at a vulnerable time in their life. As freshmen, going to college involves a huge transition, and being able to make the shift that much easier for prospective COB students is very rewarding. Our goal is to ultimately make their college experience that much more satisfying here at ECU.
Sing Lindsey Sing, Junior
Charlotte, NC

Being a part of the Peer Mentors Program has enhanced my learning experience at ECU by providing me with endless opportunities. Working with the Living-Learning Community (LLC) and the Center for Student Success has taught me what leadership, responsibility and community is all about.

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