College of Business Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are current College of Business students who serve as a mentors or role models to first year business students.  They participate in all College of Business events that are planned for first year students and hold weekly office hours to meet with students. They provide a student's perspective to incoming business students and offer valuable insight by sharing their previous experiences. Peer Mentors hold weekly office hours in 3206B Bate Building.

Some events that Peer Mentors assist with include:

  • Living-Learning Community (LLC) Move-In Day (Cotten Hall)
  • Fall Orientation
  • ECU Open House (Fall & Spring)
  • ECU Haunted House on College Hill
  • LLC Welcome Day & Water Park
  • LLC American Horror Story
  • LLC Exam Goody Bags
  • LLC Zumba
  • LLC Super Bowl Party
  • LLC Paintball
  • LLC Talks
  • Academic Advisor Training

2016-17 Peer Mentors


Kyle DelRossi
Winstead, CT

Friday:  12 - 2pm


Andrea Hernandez
Senior Management
Milford, PA

Monday:  3 - 5pm


Mark Matulewicz
Senior Finance
Currituck, NC

Wednesday: 12 - 2pm


Jaheli Chahin Sanchez
Senior Management
Cary, NC

Thursday: 12:30 - 2:30pm


Ryan Schultz
Senior Marketing
Knightdale, NC

Monday: 1 - 3pm

AmandaAmanda Thomas
Senior Management
Monroe, NC

Wednesday: 3 - 5pm

Want to be a Peer Mentor?