School of Hospitality Leadership

Minor in Hospitality Management

Students that choose to minor in Hospitality Management learn about the wide range of career options in the hospitality industry. Along with this, individuals experience a basic foods lab and get hands-on experience in our state of the art culinary facility, learning the principles of food preparation. Other elements of the minor include exposure to lodging, conventions and special events, and food and beverage. By receiving a minor in Hospitality Management students can strengthen their skill set, while enhancing their appeal to potential future employers.

Core Courses

Core Courses
HMGT 1350. Introduction to Hospitality Management3
HMGT 1500. Multicultural Hospitality Management3
HMGT 2100. Lodging Management (P: HMGT 1350)3
HMGT 2200. Introduction to Conventions and Special Events (P: HMGT 1350)3
HMGT 2300. Principles of Food Preparation and Menu Planning (C: HMGT 2301)2
HMGT 2301. Principles of Food Preparation and Menu Planning Lab (C: HMGT 2300)1
HMGT 3300. Principles of Classical Cuisine (P: HMGT 2300, 2301, or consent of instructor; C: HMGT 3301)2
HMGT 3301. Principles of Classical Cuisine Lab (P: HMGT 2300, 2301, or consent of instructor; C: HMGT 3300)1
HMGT 3400. Meeting, Event and Convention Planning (P: HMGT 2200)3
HMGT 3600. Lodging Management II (P: ACCT 2101; HMGT 2100)3

Select two additional 3000 or 4000-level 3 semester hour HMGT courses.

Admission Information:

Please notify your academic advisor if you wish to minor in Hospitality Management.