Office of Healthy Aging Research, Education, and Services (OHARES)
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The Office of Healthy Aging Research, Education, and Services (OHARES) is a regional leader when it comes to the provision of services for older people and those who work with older people on the eastern seaboard of North Carolina.  Thus, OHARES is committed to research, education, and services that advance the quality of life and care for older people in North Carolina, but we cannot complete our mission without your support.  Your donations can support one or more of our three core areas (research, education, and/or services) and help us to promote quality treatment and support services for older people.  Your donations can assist us in many ways as noted below.

Funding for Community-Based Programs and Services

East Carolina University is a leader in service as evidenced by ECU's Community Engagement Classification, which was recently awarded through the Carnegie Foundation.  As an institution of higher education, ECU engages in collaborations between our academic units and communities at the local, state, regional, national, and global levels to advance mutually-beneficial goals and objectives. Within the context of OHARES's mission, our affiliates are committed to working with community-based programs and services that are targeted towards older people (especially those in eastern North Carolina).  Because this region of the state is largely rural, we are in need of financial support to provide programs and services for those who are typically aging in underserved and often impoverished parts of rural America.  Thus, your donations can advance interdisciplinary programs (i.e., medical, psychological, social programs) to sustain the well-being and functioning of both older individuals and the families that support them.  Should you wish to make a financial donation for our community-based programs and services, please feel free to click on the OHARES Priority Fund portal to donate online.  Thank you!

Donations for Research Initiatives

Your donations can also support state-of-the-art transdisciplinary research as applied to geriatric medicine, geriatric nursing, geriatric social work, gerontology, nutritional support services for older people, occupational therapy for aging individuals, exercise programs for aging people with and without disabilities, and other such applicable areas of scholarly inquiry that aim to extend longevity and the quality of life for older people.  Hence, our affiliates conduct studies to improve the physical, psychological, and social wellbeing and functioning of older people; they also conduct research to improve institutional and community-based models of care via and to improve the methods of care.  To these ends, please consider donating to the advancement of primary research on these and other topics that are examined by our research affiliates.  Should you wish to make a financial donation for our research-based initiatives, please feel free to click on the OHARES Priority Fund portal to donate online.  Thank you!

Scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate Education

ECU offers a number of undergraduate- and graduate-level credentials aimed at training the next generation of workers who are devoted to service provision for older adults.  To this end, ECU's Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences offers multi-disciplinary credentials to include an Undergraduate Minor in Gerontology and a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology.  ECU's College of Nursing also provides specialized training for nurses through the Adult & Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Programs.  Finally, ECU's Brody School of Medicine provides specialized training in Geriatrics through their Family Medicine Department.  Given that America is facing a very serious shortage of gerontologically-competent workers, your donations can go a long way towards credentialing professionals who work with North Carolina's aging adult population.  Please consider giving generously to this cause.

How to Donate Your Time

If you would like to donate your time and volunteer with OHARES, please contact the Director, Dr. John J. Kerbs, to discuss optional ways of assisting with the OHARES mission.  Dr. Kerbs can be reached by email ( or phone (252-328-5546) at any time.