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Faculty Projects 2002-2003

Dr. Punam Madhok (Art History, School of Art)
"The State Hermitage Museum"

I wish to add a section on Russian works of art to my course in Baroque art. I currently teach a course in Renaissance art in the School of Art. Beginning next semester I will be teaching a course in Baroque art as well. The State Hermitage Museum at Saint Petersburg in Russia has a valuable collection of works of art in both these areas. I wish to expand my knowledge of Renaissance and Baroque works of art, and look forward to including a section on Russian art in my Baroque course. This visit would also help me to offer a course in Prints and Drawings in the near future since the Hermitage has a very rich collection of them.


Dr. Linda High (Music Education, School of Music), Dr. Michelle Hairston (Music Education/Music Therapy, School of Music), and Dr. Alice Arnold (Art Education, School of Art)
"Russian Folksongs and Folktales"

1) We would like to gather folk songs and folktales from the area for introducing to our classes, curriculum development for children, and publication.
2) We would like to visit schools, meet children, and learn about the educational programs in music for normal functioning and exceptional children (record children singing and photograph schools and children).
3) We would like to travel to major areas to experience the culture today, see some of the historical sites, and learn about the history (we would especially like to visit the Russian ballet and homes of great composers).
4) We would like to share some of our American folk songs and folktales with the children and teachers in the area (as well as other information about our schools, colleges, and country-we could include videos of our schools, children, etc.)
5) All of the above we would want to share with our classes, professional meetings, and workshops for teachers.

We have created and presented several publications with folktales from all over the world, songs, and Orff instrumental accompaniments for children. We would love to create a publication with Russian folktales, folksongs, and Orff accompaniments for children.


Dr. Richard Pozzuto (Social Work, Carolyn Freeze Baynes School of Social Work and Criminal Justice), Dr. Peter Johnstone (Criminal Justice, Carolyn Freeze Baynes School of Social Work and Criminal Justice), Dr. Arunas Juska (Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences)
"Growing Income Inequalities and Marginalization in Post-Socialist Lithuania: Implications for Criminal Justice and Social Welfare Policy Reforms"

Goals of the project:
1. To describe scope, forms, and dynamics of the widening income inequality and marginalization in post-socialist Lithuania;
2) To familiarize ourselves with how day-to-day- life is experiences in post-socialist country, including life of marginalized individuals;
3) To provide preliminary assessment of the impact that social welfare reforms have in integrating marginalized individuals into mainstream society versus re/producing divisions between "deserving" and "undeserving" poor;
4) To write a paper for publication analyzing impact of criminal justice and social welfare policy reforms on marginalized populations in post-socialist Lithuania.


Dr. Harold Stone (Planning, School of Industry and Technology)
"Integration of Eastern European Case Studies into Environmental Planning Curriculum"

Case studies will provide the basis of teaching comparative planning issues and solutions as modules in my classes. These cases are developed in cooperation with strong and ongoing academic and stakeholder relationships in Crimea. This initiative will be expanded for the development of courses, thus, allowing greater continuity in learning for students. Travel to Crimea would include meeting with faculty and stakeholders in environmental planning in the rapidly changing region, and increase the number and quality of teaching material available to immerse the student into the experience. This will ultimately lead to students and faculty traveling to Crimea for advanced research and study.


Additional ECU Grants and Projects Related to Russian Studies

Dr. Carmine Scavo
MPA Program of Department of Political Science, ECU/Urals Academy:

January-February 2003:
Eight faculty members from the Urals Academy of Public Administration in Ekaterinburg, Russia, will be visiting the ECU campus for three weeks this January-February. They include: Sergei Shashkin, Vice Rector for Information Technology; Andrei Poltavets, Professor of Information Technology; Head, Information Technology Department; Natalyia Kostina, Director, MPA Program; Irina Tourguel, Professor of Finance and Budgeting; Yaroslav Startsev, Professor of Public Policy; Alyona Vishnevskaya, Professor of Human Resource Management and Dean of Students; and Julia Idova, Interpreter.

ECU is helping the Urals Academy establish the first Master of Public Administration Program in Russia. The Russian faculty members are here for several purposes: First, to learn US interactive methods of graduate education--case studies, simulations, exercises, etc. On the whole, their knowledge of many areas of public administration is exceptionally good, but they tend to use "older" methods of instruction--mostly lectures. Second, they are here to learn more about distance education and computer-assisted course work, including establishing course web sites, etc. Third, the MPA Director is here to learn more about administration of an MPA program--admissions, record keeping, placement, etc. Fourth, they will be attending and presenting at two separate conferences--The National Teaching Public Administration Conference in Dayton, Ohio (7 - 8 February) and the Stop Surfing, Start Teaching Distance Education Conference in Las Vegas (16 - 19 February). And Fifth, they are also interested in our library's digitization and technology initiatives.

Dr. Nancy Zeller
Curriculum and Instruction, School of Education
ECU-Saratov State University Partnership in Education Project (US State Department, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs)
Fulbright Award for a two-year project to establish a second foreign language academy involving faculty and graduate students at ECU and at the Ryazan State Pedagogical University in Ryazan, Russia.