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Registration Problems

Make sure you do not have a HOLD!  (View holds in Banner Self Service under Student Records). Students with holds should contact the appropriate office to have it removed.  Please note that if you have a hold no one, not even your advisor, can make adjustments to your schedule.

Make sure it is your TIME to register (Check the Registrar’s home page to see the “registration schedule”)

If you receive an error message when trying to register for a particular course, read the ERROR MESSAGE as that will explain the reason for the error.  When ERROR appears, SCROLL DOWN on the screen to see the reason.  Follow instructions listed below in order to resolve your issue.

Error Message What It Means What To Do
Consent of Instructor/Approval of Department Chair Requires approval from that course’s specific department.   This particular course could be only for certain students (example:  honors, certain majors, etc.)  so you may not be able to add this course.  Contact the department office offering the course for further explanation. 
CORQ “course name” REQ Requires co-requisite of class listed to register Look at the catalog entry to find the required co-requisite.  Then register for both classes at the same time by adding the CRN’s of both classes to the worksheet.
Class Restriction Students classification (FR, SO, JR, SR) does not match the required classification for the course Students may only register for courses one level higher than their classification (Ex. Freshmen can only register for 0000, 1000, or 2000 level)
Closed Section Section is closed or full Students can NOT add a closed class.  Continue checking Banner periodically to see if someone drops or place yourself on the wait list—if wait list is available (Note-wait lists are not available for all courses.) 
College or Degree or Major or Program Restriction Student is not “officially declared” in the college required of this course. If student is eligible to officially declare, contact advisor.  Otherwise, you can not take this course until you are “declared”.


Field of Study Restriction
Student is already registered for this class (Perhaps a different section number)


This section is reserved for students in particular majors



Drop class and add correct section.




Student must pick a different section.If student is changing majors, student must contact new major department to change major before signing up for course.
Level restriction Student’s level (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral) does not match required level of class You are trying to add a grad or doctoral class and need special permission of the department.
Maximum Hours Exceeded Course will put student over maximum allowed hours (18 is maximum for fall/spring) If you have at least a 3.00 and wish to take extra hours, contact your advisor.
PREQ & TEST SCORE Missing the pre-requisite/co-requisite OR do not have the required placement test score for this course. If you are missing a pre-requisite, you can NOT sign up for the class.  If you are missing a co-requisite, register for both the courses simultaneously by placing the CRN’s on the worksheet (Ex. CHEM lecture/labs).  If you have not taken a placement test (Ex. math or Spanish) then you must take appropriate test.
Repeat Count Exceeds 0 Student has already received credit for this course or is currently registered for the course. If you wish to repeat a course you are currently enrolled in (Ex. You are failing the course) you must wait until the end of the semester to add it. If you have AP credit for the course and wish to waive your AP credit, contact your advisor.
Time CONFLICT Time conflict with another course in schedule Either change time or remove course currently in that time slot.
Student Attribute Student is not part of the “population” eligible to register for this course Pick a different section of the course.  (*Note—sections 200 or above are usually restricted for honors students only.  Section 600 or above are usually restricted for online/DE students only.)

   If you can not find the answer to your problem by using the information above, contact your academic advisor with the following information.

  • Name and Banner ID
  • Your registration pin/code
  • Course number and section and CRN (course reference number) of the course you are having trouble with
  • The SPECIFIC PROBLEM that you are having (what error message are you receiving?)