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Registration Process

Before Students Can Register

In order to register for classes, students must schedule an appointment with their academic advisor to receive advising and a registration PIN. (*Note-registration pins change each semester so students must see advisor each semester.) Registration for the spring semester usually occurs after fall break; registration for the fall & summer semesters usually occurs after spring break. For best availability, students should plan to see academic advisor at least 2-3 weeks before break. 

Prior to registering for classes, students should check Banner for any holds that will prevent course registration. If you have a hold, contact the appropriate office to have it remedied. See HOLDS.

Prior to Your Advising Appointment

Before meeting with your advisor, students should be prepared. This means students should complete the registration worksheet and bring it to their advising appointment. You can download a copy of the worksheet here – Registration Worksheet (word) or Registration Worksheet (pdf)

Below you will find links to assist you in completing your worksheet and preparing you for registration:

DegreeWorks - Information on how to use DegreeWorks to view progress towards a degree and create a plan

Four-Year Degree Plans - List of degrees with recommended course sequence by semester.

General EducationCommon 1000-2000 level GE courses. Please refer to the undergraduate catalog (under courses) for a complete list.

General Registration InfoGuides on how to register for classes, using the waitlist, etc.

Major ChecksheetsSpecific major requirements

Pre-Professional AdvisingFor those interested in pursuing a pre-professional area (pre-medical, pre-dental, allied health, pre-law, etc).

Registrars OfficeRegistration schedule, various forms, etc.

Registration ProblemsCommon registration problems/issues and how to resolve

Schedule Planner -New tool for students to aid in the course scheduling process

Undergraduate CatalogLook-up degree requirements, academic rules and regulations, etc.

Summer Classes

If you are interested in summer school, either at ECU or elsewhere see Summer Classes

Important to Remember

  • Take any placements tests you need (math, foreign language, etc)
  • Check for holds on your account by going to Banner > Student Records > View Holds. You will not be able to register if you have a hold.
  • Pay your tuition before the deadline so that your schedule is not canceled. See the Cashiers website for important dates each semester.
  • Plan out your schedule (days/times/CRN#'s) prior to registering for classes and have back-up courses.
  • If you are changing (or thinking about changing) your major, please let your current advisor know immediately. You can also visit the Choosing a Major website for additional help.

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