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Summer School

Interested in Summer School at ECU?

Students interested in summer school can register for summer school using the same registration pin they receive for the fall. Students can also register for summer during the same time they register for fall (usually right after spring break). Students may register for summer courses until the day before the summer term begins. Consult Academic Calendar online for specific dates.

ECU offers two 5-week summer sessions: 1st summer & 2nd summer and a special full term (11 week session). (*Note: Most of our coursework is offered during the 1st and 2nd sessions.) Students may take a maximum of 7 hours per session (or 14 hours total). There are no minimum hours required for summer school. Summer offers a more limited selection of coursework therefore not every class will be offered during summer. Consult Banner Self Service and select the appropriate term to see what is offered for each session.

Students in academic difficulty (probation or suspension) should NOT take summer courses at ECU unless you have consulted the academic advisor first with regards to your specific situation.

For questions about the cost of summer school, consult the Cashier’s Office and scroll down to select “tuition and fees.” Students who would like to apply for financial aid for summer school at ECU should consult Office of Financial Aid.

Interested in Summer School at another institution?

Students interested in attending summer school at another institution should contact your institution to inquire about applying for their summer term. You also need to find out what courses they are offering during the summer. After you have selected what courses you wish to take, you must complete a “permission to take courses elsewhere” form from ECU. (Visit Registrar’s Office website to find the form under “requested forms”) To assist you in completing this form, look in Banner Self Service under “course equivalencies.” Search for the institution you’d like to attend, search the courses and find out what the equivalent course is at ECU. (*Note: don’t worry if your institution or particular course is NOT listed. Simply complete the form to the best of your ability and turn form in to the Registrar’s Office in Whichard Building. They will help with the rest.) Things to know:

  • You must earn at least a C in order to transfer the course back in. 
  • Courses taken elsewhere do NOT affect your ECU GPA. The credit hours transfer but the actual grade does not. 
  • You can not repeat or grade replace a course elsewhere if you’ve attempted it here at ECU.

Students who have been suspended from the university should NOT take summer courses elsewhere unless you have consulted the academic advisor first.

After you finish your summer courses, request an official transcript of your final summer grades to be sent to ECU. Please keep in mind that it may take ECU several weeks to process your transfer credit and that could delay your registration into some fall courses (if you are registering for a FALL course in which your summer course is a pre-requisite).