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Center for Applied Computational Research

The Center for Applied Computational Studies at East Carolina University promotes the application of computational methods to describe and understand phenomena in the life sciences, geosciences, engineering and other disciplines.

Center for Diversity & Inequality Research

The primary goals of the Center for Diversity and Inequality Research (CDIR) are scientific research, public policy, and public advocacy focused upon the broad issues of race and ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, and disability. Collaborative and interdisciplinary, CDIR initiates and partners with others to understand diversity and inequality issues as they may appear in Eastern North Carolina, the state, the nation, and around the globe. CDIR is premised upon engagement in the campus and wider community as it promotes and facilitates undergraduate and graduate education in the classroom, the lab, and in the field.

Center for Geographic Information Science

The Center for GIScience at East Carolina University is committed to educating and training the next generation of spatial scientists by providing state-of-the-art courses, quality mentoring, and facilitating internship opportunities; applying GIScience and technology in research to create geographic knowledge and solve societal problems; and serving the Department, University, and Eastern North Carolina community as a regional resource for innovative geospatial technology and technical expertise

Center for Natural Hazards Research

The Center for Natural Hazards Research focuses on hurricane, tornado, flooding and erosion hazards as they affect eastern North Carolina and, more generally, the United States. The Center will offer educational opportunities to the local community and facilitate research on natural hazards in our region. Areas of active research include the financial impacts of hurricanes and floods, the effectiveness of warning systems, how policy-makers should handle evacuations, and how households can protect themselves from natural hazards.

Center for Biodiversity

The Center for Biodiversity supports and promotes all aspects of biodiversity research and education in North Carolina. The Center for Biodiversity serves the community of eastern North Carolina by providing educational programs designed to engage citizens in issues related to the conservation of biodiversity and its relevance to human health and quality of life.