Department of Anthropology Faculty

ECU's faculty covers a wide spectrum of specialization ranging from studies in Eastern North Carolina focusing on archaeology, medical, and migration studies of the area to broader global studies involving applied anthropology, cultural anthropology, the anthropology of religion, gender, economic anthropology, Middle East studies, primate behavior, and human evolution.

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I. Randolph Daniel, Jr. - Interim Chair

(PhD, Chapel Hill, 1994)
Office: 271 Flanagan Building
Telephone: 252-328-9455
Website: Personal ECU Page

Interests: Chipped stone technologies, Cultural adaptations of Late Pleistocene-Early Holocene hunter-gatherers in the Southeast, Public Archaeology

Christine B. Avenarius - Department Director of Graduate Studies

(PhD, Cologne, 2003)
Office: 213 Flanagan Building
Telephone: 252-328-9446
Website: Personal ECU Page
Research: Perceptions of Environmental and Economic Change

Visit the ECU Graduate School page for applications to the Anthropology graduate program.

Interests: Social Networks, Cognition, Legal Anthropology, Economic Anthropology, Immigration, Ethnicity, Language and Culture, East Asia, China

Charles R. Ewen, Director - Phelps Archaeology Laboratory

(PhD, Florida, 1987)
Office: 267 Flanagan Building
Telephone: 252-328-9454
Website: Personal ECU Page

Interests: Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Archaeological methods and theory, Public Archaeology, Southeastern North America and Caribbean

Eric J. Bailey

(PhD, Wayne State University, 1988, MPH, Emory University, 1996)
Office: 209 Flanagan Buildling
Telephone: (252) 328-9448
Website: Personal ECU Page

Interests: Applied Medical Anthropology, Public Health, Ethnic Health and Health Disparities, African American Culture, Global Health, and Culturally Competent Health Care Strategies

Joint Appointment with Department of Public Health

Tony Boudreaux

(PhD, UNC Chapel Hill, 2005)
Office: 287 Flanagan Building
Telephone: 252-328-9462
Website: Personal ECU Page

Interests: Ceramic analysis, Complex Societies, Political Organization, the Archaeology of Settlements and Households, Late Prehistoric through Contact-period Native American Societies of Southeastern North America

B. Blakely Brooks

(PhD, University of Alabama)
Office: 223 Flanagan Building
Telephone: 252-328-9433
Website: Personal ECU Page

Interests: Applied Medical Anthropology, Cognitive Anthropological Theory and Methods, Social Stress, Peruvian Andean Culture, Cultural Syndromes, Andean Farming Practices

Robert L. Bunger

(PhD, Northwestern, 1972)
Office: 219 Flanagan Building
Telephone: 252-328-9435

Interests: Cultural/social Anthropology, Anthropology of Religion, Africa, Oceania, Buddhism

Luci Marie Fernandes

(PhD, U. of Connecticut, 2004)
Office: 285 Flanagan Building
Phone: 252-737-1072
Website: Personal ECU Page

Interests: Cuban Daily Life: Resource Distribution and Social Networks, Ethnomusicology, Visual Anthropology, Intercultural Competence

Susanne Grieve-Director of Conservation

(MA, University College London, 2005)
Office: 217 Flanagan Building
Phone: 252-328-4407
Website: Personal ECU Page

Interests: Cultural Heritage Preservation, Material Culture, Organic Residues, Maritime Materials

David Griffith

(PhD, Florida, 1983)
Office: 250 Flanagan Building
Telephone: 252-328-1748
Website: Personal ECU Page

Interests: Economic Anthropology, Labor Studies, Migration, Caribbean

James E. Loudon

(PhD, University of Colorado, 2009)
Office: 211 Flanagan Building
Telephone: 252-737-1263
Website: Personal ECU Page

Interests: Primate Feeding Ecology, Stable Isotope Ecology, Ethnoprimatology, Parasitology

Heidi M. Luchsinger

(PhD, Texas A&M University, 2006)
Office: 215 Flanagan Building
Telephone: (252) 328-9445
Website: Personal ECU Page

Interests: New World prehistoric archaeology, South America, landscape archaeology, geoarchaeology, paleoenvironmental reconstructions, and settlement patterns

Holly F. Mathews

(PhD, Duke, 1982)
Office: 217 Flanagan Building
Telephone: 252-328-9452
Website: Personal ECU Page

Interests: Psychological Anthropology, Gender Roles, Medical Anthropology, Latin America, Southeast United States

Laura Mazow

(PhD, University of Arizona, 2005)
Office: 225 Flanagan Building
Telephone: (252) 328-9432
Website: Personal ECU Page

Interests: Archaeology of the Middle East, archaeology and the Bible, ancient technologies

Megan Perry

(PhD, New Mexico, 2002)
Office: 221 Flanagan Building
Telephone: 252-328-9434
Website: Personal ECU Page

Interests: Biological Anthropology, Bioarchaeology, Forensic Anthropology, Near East

Benjamin A. Saidel

(PhD, Harvard University, 1998)
Office: 283 Flanagan Building
Telephone: (252) 737-1074
Website: Personal ECU Page

Interests: Ethnoarchaeology, Middle Eastern/Near Eastern Archaeology, Pastoral Populations, Archaeological and Ethnoarchaeological Research on Bedouin Populations

Linda D. Wolfe

(PhD, Oregon, 1976)
Office: 224 Flanagan Building
Telephone: 252-328-9453

Interests: Physical Anthropology, Primate Behavior, Human Evolution, Women's Studies

Donna Evans
Administrative Support Associate

Office: 230 Flanagan Building
Telephone: 252-328-9431

Department News

On February 19th, the Department celebrated National Anthropology Day by hosting a public open house. Displays were presented in the labs, and mini-lectures and anthropology films were presented. 

The North Carolina Studies program hosted Dr. Christine Avenarius for her lecture "What sea-level rise? An ethnographic account of Dare, Tyrrell and Hyde County residents' observations about environmental change".

Check out the latest Department of Anthropology Spring 2015 newsletter highlighting some of our recent activities! Download a copy here.

 Linked by live video conferencing, Internet chat software and social media, ECU students were connected with their counterparts in different countries. Anthropology 1050: Global Understanding connected with Algerian students to discuss their cultures. Read the full article at

New edited volume from the British Archaeological Reports: Excavations in the Western Negev Highlands by Dr. Benjamin Saidel and Dr. Mordechai Haiman (Israel Antiquities Authority).

Discovery is a core characteristic of pirates at ECU! See our Anthropology summer field school student, Mansi Trivedi, explain some of the discoveries in Jordan on the latest ECU Values video.

 On Tuesday January 27, Dr. Bailey and three other professors shared the ins and outs of writing and publishing. This panel of authors answered questions about why they chose to write books, how they select their publishers, and how they balance teaching, research, and writing: offering advice for would-be authors based on personal experience.