4th Annual Anthropology Alumni Lecture Series

The 4th Annual Anthropology Alumni Lecture Series consisted of five lectures given by previous students of the anthropology department. This year's series ran from March 20th until April 24th and was a great example of the series continued success.

Visiting Speakers:

March 20, Blake Wiggs
Title of Talk: "Anthropology and Education"
Year of Graduation and Degrees: BA in Anthropology (2008), MA in Teaching (2010)

April 3, Christine Andresen
Title of Talk: "Anthropologist in the Library: An Unexpected Adventure"
Year of Graduation and Degrees: BA in Anthropology (2007), MA in Library Science (2010)

April 10, Daryl Armour
Title of Talk: "My Experiences within CRM"
Year of Graduation and Degrees: MA in Anthropology (2012)

April 17, Kyle McCandless
Title of Talk: "Education and the Real World: Integration and Transitions"
Year of Graduation and Degree: MA in Anthropology (2012)

April 24, Dr. Cynthia Bellacero
Title of Talk: "From Archaeology to Administration: It Can Happen to You"
Year of Graduation and Degrees: BA in Anthropology (2011), MA in Anthropology (2004) - Concentration in Prehistoric Archaeology

Department News

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 Dr. Holly Mathews and Dr. Laura Mazow were recognized for their outstanding teaching methods by students during the Spring 2015 semester from the College STAR.

Student response for Dr. Mathews:

"She gives feedback and forces her students to expand their mind and explore alternate theories or explanations. She wants her students to discuss topics in class instead of just listening to her talk the entire time."

Student response for Dr. Mazow:

"We have a small class which allows many opportunities for a lot of class discussion...She always provides feedback and answers to our journal entries and is always available when we need help." 

Congratulations to them both!

This summer two undergraduate anthropology students at East Carolina University, Tyler Beasley and Anna Lawrence, worked as interns for the Hyde County Office of Planning and Economic Development through the State Employees' Credit Union Foundation public service internship program. Both interns worked on research projects aimed at improving economic development by better understanding the needs of the local business community.


Marina Clough, also an undergraduate anthropology student at East Carolina University, completed an internship at Wanchese Industrial Park and provided an overview of webpages and print media that write or advertise about sailing related events, helped plan the Regatta of Sail NC and conducted 40 interviews with participants.

Dr. Charles Ewen interviewed for the New York Times. Is it the Roanoke Island Colony? Read more to find out!