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David Griffith, Ph.D.

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David Griffith, Ph.D.
<H2>David Griffith, Ph.D.</H2>
University of Florida, 1983
Office: ??? Flanagan
Telephone: (???) ???-????
Research Interests: Economic Anthropology, Labor Studies, Migration

Regional Focus:



David Griffith is a cultural anthropologist with research interests in economic anthropology, labor studies, migration, occupational health, and maritime communities.  He holds academic appointments in both the Department of Anthropology and in the the Institute of Coastal and Marine Studies.  Dr. Griffith teaches courses in cultural anthropology, Peoples of the Caribbean, and Anthropological Theory.  Throughout his career, in order to conduct ethnographic fieldwork, Dr. Griffith has visited and lived in Jamaica, Iowa, Minnesota, Florida, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Honduras.  In addition to all the places that he has visited and lived in order to conduct fieldwork, he has also visited or lived in Colorado, California, Montana, all three of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda, Tortola, Costa Rica, Cuba, Spain, Austria, England, Taiwan, Guatemala, and Canada.  His pet peeve is the eleemosynary theory.  Among Dr. Griffith's hobbies you will find creative writing, reading creative writing, as well as several forms of exercise.  He is also an accomplished creative writer and has published numerous works of fiction in literary journals. 

Dr. Griffith has been married to his wife for 33 years and they now have not only two daughters who work as an anthropologist and a psychologist, but also two grandsons.  Although his father has passed away, he still enjoys his mother's company, as well as the company of two brothers and a sister as well as many in-laws.