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Anthropology Alumni
Graduates in the Master of Art program

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Doctoral program in Biological Anthropology – American University
Doctoral program in Biological Anthropology – UNC Chapel Hill
Doctoral program in Biological Anthropology – U of Arkansas
Doctoral program in Archaeology – UNC Chapel Hill
Doctoral program in Archaeology – Florida State University
Doctoral program in Archaeology – U of Kentucky
Doctoral program in Cultural anthropology – University of South Florida
Doctoral program in Cultural anthropology – State University of NY-Binghamton
Doctoral program in Classics – UNC Chapel Hill
Doctoral program in Sociology – UNC Chapel Hill
Doctoral program in Public Health – University of South Florida
Doctoral program in Intercultural Education – U of Colorado
Doctoral program in American Studies – U of New Mexico
Doctoral program in Policy Administration – NC State
Doctoral program in Social Policy – Warwick University. Great Britain
Doctoral program in Coastal Resource Management – ECU
Law School – University of Mississippi

Vice President for Institutional Advancement at a Community College
Community College Instructor in Anthropology
University Instructor in Anthropology
Foundation Director for Public Television
Clinical Trials Coordinator for a pharmaceutical company
Research Coordinator, School of Medicine
Research Associate, Area Health Education Center
Senior Principal Investigator, Cultural Resources
Domestic Violence Shelter Director
Director, Peace and Justice Church
Autopsy Assistant
Veterinary Tech
Statistician, County Health Department
Primate Research Assistant, University Medical School
National Park Service Education Coordinator
Preservation Specialist
Director, Public Archaeology Network
Archaeologist, US Army
Forensic Anthropologist, US Army Central Identification Lab
President, Cultural Resource Management Firm
Contract Archaeologist
Archaeologist, URS Corporation

 Bachelor of Arts


Richard A Marksbury, BA 1973 Dean, School of Continuing Studies and Summer School, Tulane University

Thomas G. Gardner Jr. BA 1973 He is the owner of Rocky Mountain Textbook, Inc and lives in Edenton, N.C.


Sara Van Arsdel BA 1975 She is the Executive Director of Orange County Regional History Center in Orlando, FL.


Gregory Gilbert BA 1980 He lives in Port Saint Lucie, FL.


Julie Phelps BA 1994 She is currently living in Florida working on a MS in Communication Disorders. She had been teaching middle school at an international school in Barcelona, Spain.


Jason Miller BA 2000 He is a Planner for the City of Archdale, NC. He is enrolled at UNCG PhD program in the Geography Program. 

Stephanie Nutt BA 2000 She is the historical archaeologist for the Fort Leonard Cultural Resource Management program for the U.S. Army installation in the Missouri Ozarks. She is also assisting the CRM program's Native American consultation efforts.


Melissa Dye BA 2001 She earned a MA in Maritime Archaeology at the University Southampton, UK. Currently she is a Project Manager for Environmental Services, Inc. in Savannah GA. In 2007 she worked in Israel excavating a 12th Century Byzantine shipwreck.


Christie Martin Martoccia BA 2004 She is Quality Assurance Director at Personalized Therapy, Inc. Greenville, N.C.


Maxx Toler 2009 BA He is in the Evolutionary Anthropology PhD program at Duke University, N.C.


Donna Munier BA 2011 She is working for the GNC Corporation on the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.


Stormy DeLucia (2013): Americorps, Down East AIDS Network

Carlton Purvis (2013): Photographer, International Center for Journalists funded project. Trail of Fears: Central American women risk sexual violence en route to US for a "better life"


Master of Arts


Fiona Baxter MA 1997. Completed her PhD in Public Administration from NCSU in 2005. She is Assistant Vice President for College and Community Relations at Valencia Community College in Orlando, FL.

Charles L. Heath MA 1997 anthropology PhD program, UNC-CH.


Jeremy A. Pulley MA 1998 He is Director, Sales Operations-Data Management for Sanofi-Aventis a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey where he lives with his wife, three boys and a girl. 

Dane Magoon MA 1998 anthropology PhD program, Univ. of Illinois.


Sabrina Buck Taala MA 1999 After 8 years at the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command in Hawaii, she moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado to be with her husband and two children. Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, Pikes Peak Community College and University of Colorado. Co-edited: Biological Affinity in Forensic Identification of Human Skeletal Remains: Beyond Black and White

Matt Curry MA 1999 research director for different clinical studies at UNC School of Medicine.

Lori C. Higginbotham MA 1999 Forensic Examiner.

Alicia Kramer Durham MA 1999 Instructor, Park University, Cherry Point, and Craven Community College.

Adam Marshall, MA 1999 Archaeology Field Director, Montpelier Foundations, Virginia.


April Boyd MA 2000. University Mississippi, Law School.

Tiffany Miller MA 2000 clinical trials coordinator for AA Pharma, Wilmington, NC.

John P. Cooke MA 2000 Archaeologist/ Preservation Program Coordinator,Fredericksburg, Culpeper, and Northern Virginia Districts, Environmental Division, Virginia Department of Transportation.

Suzanne Johnson MA 2000 anthropology PhD program, University of Tennessee.

Larry McSwain MA 2000. Earned a PhD from the ECU CRM program.

Christopher R. Moore MA 2000 PhD program, Coastal Marine Management, ECU.

Jennifer Coleman Nixon MA 2000, PhD program Warwick University, UK.


Thomas E. Beaman, Jr. MA 2001 Teaches at Wilson Technical Community College, North Carolina Wesleyan College and Nash Community College. He has an archaeology contract firm, Tar River Archaeological Research.

Eric Giles MA 2001 anthropology PhD program Univ. of Indiana.

Heather Harris MA 2001 Primate Enrichment, Wake Forest Medical School.

Sarah Miller MA 2001 Director, Northeast Regional Center, Florida Pubic Archaeology Network based at Flagler College in St. Augustine.


Aaron Bowman MA 2002 Anthropology and Sociology Instructor at Surry Community College (Full-time)

Marty Shaw Buie MA 2002 She is a Public Health Epidemiologist, NC Communicable Disease Branch, Raleigh, NC where she lives with her husband, three children, two dogs and two cats. Social Research Associate, NC Department of Health and Human Services.

William J. Dewan MA 2002 Ph.D. candidate in American Studies at the University of New Mexico.

Kristina Killgrove 2002 MA obtained an MA in Classical archaeology at UNC-CH and PhD candidate, Anthropology, UNC-CH.

Will Moore MA 2002 does CRM in Virginia at William and Mary University.

Terri Russ MA 2002 runs a contract archaeology office in Raleigh.

Brandon Tutt MA 2002 Entered the PhD program, School of Education, Un. of Colorado. 


Beth Barnes Baker MA 2003 Teaches at Baldwin-Wallace College.

Carol Broadus MA 2003 is currently employed at the Watershed Ecology Center at the University of SC Upstate campus and expects to enter the PhD program, Un. of South Carolina 2008.

Kelly M. Simpson MA 2003 PhD candidate Public Health at Univ of South Florida.

Daniel Baicy MA 2003 is working on a project in Texarkana with Pan American, a CRM firm.


Cynthia M. Bellacero BA 2001 and MA 2004, PhD Candidate in Anthropology, Florida State University

Donna Griffin MA 2004 an intern at the Zoo Atlanta and working with orangutans.

Lisa Leone MA 2004 Head Autopsy Assistant for the Regional Medical Examiner's Office, Brody School of Medicine.

Krystin Erchenbrecher MA 2004 EdD program at the University of Arizona.

Keith Heinrich MA 2004 State Historic Preservation Office, Pennsylvania.

Josh Fairchild MA 2004 anthropology PhD program, American University.

Tracy Martin MA 2004 Archaeologist with the contract firm of TRC Garrow of Chapel Hill, NC.

Jessica A. Newnam MA 2004 anthropology PhD program, University of Arkansas.

Tara Potts MA 2004 taught anthropology at ECU and is now living and working in Hong Kong.

Carol Ann Short MA 2004 documentary film institute in Taos, New Mexico.

Timothy Pulsifer MA 2004 anthropology Ph.D. program at SUNY Binghamton. 


Malena Rousseau MA 2005 anthropology PhD program, UNC-CH

Elizabeth Betz 2005 was working for the National Park Service.


Karen DiZio MA 2006 She is a Customer Research Analyst at the Corporate Family Dollar in Charlotte. She is also teaching anthropology courses at Central Piedmont Community College.

Tim Shortley MA 2006 He is currently working on a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Science.

Tina Greene MA 2006 office manager in Wilson, NC.

Stacey Krim MA 2006 Master's of Library Science at UNC-Greensboro.

J. Michah Roos MA 2006 sociology PhD program, NC State University; PhD UNC, IES Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley

Laura Seifert MA 2006 is doing archaeology and museum work at the Savannah History Museum.


Haley Thrift MA 2007 She is employed by Orthofix in McKinney Texas, an Orthopedic Surgical Device Company.

Wesley Willoughby MA 2007 anthropology PhD program University of Syracuse.

Karen DiZio - Market Research Director for Chase Counterfly, an ideation firm in downtown Charlotte.

Cristin Atoms- MA program at Iowa State University. Research in Senegal to study the interaction between the locals and the chimpanzees, particularly why the locals have taboos against harming or eating chimpanzees. 


Hannah Smith MA 2013 Lab Manager, TRC Companies, Inc.

 Are you a previous graduate of the program? We would love to hear from you! Contact us and let us know what your doing.

Department News

On February 19th, the Department celebrated National Anthropology Day by hosting a public open house. Displays were presented in the labs, and mini-lectures and anthropology films were presented. 

The North Carolina Studies program hosted Dr. Christine Avenarius for her lecture "What sea-level rise? An ethnographic account of Dare, Tyrrell and Hyde County residents' observations about environmental change".

Check out the latest Department of Anthropology Spring 2015 newsletter highlighting some of our recent activities! Download a copy here.

 Linked by live video conferencing, Internet chat software and social media, ECU students were connected with their counterparts in different countries. Anthropology 1050: Global Understanding connected with Algerian students to discuss their cultures. Read the full article at

New edited volume from the British Archaeological Reports: Excavations in the Western Negev Highlands by Dr. Benjamin Saidel and Dr. Mordechai Haiman (Israel Antiquities Authority).

Discovery is a core characteristic of pirates at ECU! See our Anthropology summer field school student, Mansi Trivedi, explain some of the discoveries in Jordan on the latest ECU Values video.

 On Tuesday January 27, Dr. Bailey and three other professors shared the ins and outs of writing and publishing. This panel of authors answered questions about why they chose to write books, how they select their publishers, and how they balance teaching, research, and writing: offering advice for would-be authors based on personal experience.