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Here you will find links to several types of resources related to migrant, immigrant, and settled Latinos in the United States.

From newlatino: The New Latino Entrepreneurs web site is meant to provide easily accessible online information for persons who are interested in starting their own small business, for current entrepreneurs seeking ways to grow their business, and for youth who are uncertain about their career options, providing them an initial overview of entrepreneurship as a career pathway.  The site is also meant for local community leaders, teachers, principals, and employment training programs which are interested in finding ways to help youth learn about entrepreneurship and build 21st century skills as well as for adults who are trying to start or strengthen their own business.

Click on the links below to find more information on the following subjects:

a. Research resources

Variety of projects documents, and articles presenting research data from studies conducted with the local, national, and transnational Latino community.


  • Oral Histories
  • Needs Assessments 
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Research Data
b. Research centers

Research centers dealing with issues of interest to the Latino population in the United States, from local as well as transnational perspectives.


  • Academic Centers
  • Applied Research Centers/Initiatives
  • Advocacy Initiatives
  • Participatory Action Research Initiatives
c. Health, community building, advocacy, and other initiatives

Health initiatives servicing the Latino community of the United States, with a particular emphasis on the east coast.


  • Regional/National Health Initiatives
  • North Carolina Initiatives
d. Migration and human rights

Organizations, websites, and other entities dealing with issues related to the protection of the human rights of migrants in the United States, Mexico, and internationally.

e. Funding resources

Organizations that fund projects in the areas of interest to the Latino immigrant community of Eastern North Carolina.


  • Funding for Latino immigrant community projects in Eastern North Carolina
  • Grant-writing support organizations

f. News and information

News websites concerning migration and Latino issues.