Department of Anthropology
The Nuevo South Action Research Collaborative




The following projects are in process of implementation:

Community Building

Inventory of Latino Businesses.  (October 2008-October 2009).  With funding from the ECU Center on Diversity and Inequality Research and the Department of Anthropology, NSCRI faculty are researching Latino entrepreneurship in Pitt County.  The study examines the factors involved in the creation of businesses and the role they play in the community.  The study also identifies opportunities for capacity building. 
Lead person:  David Griffith.

Enhancing Civic Engagement of Latino Youth.  (February 2009-February 2010). AMEXCAN received funding from the North Carolina Civic Consortium to create a network of youth groups in Eastern North Carolina.  Research and evaluation activities support project implementation.  Click here for a description of the project.
Lead person: Ricardo B. Contreras.

Latino Entrepreneur Project.  The Nuevo South Latino Entrepreneur project is designed to provide easily accessible information to Latinos seeking information about becoming an entrepreneur / businessperson in the rural United States.  Originally funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Initiative, the project has partnered with East Carolina University’s Nuevo South initiative to develop, maintain, and add to information useful to Latinos as they consider a business career, consider opening a business, or consider expanding a current business.  The site’s four target audiences are Latino youth who are thinking of becoming entrepreneurs, current Latino entrepreneurs, potential Latino entrepreneurs, and organizations that can provide services or support to Latino entrepreneurs. Lead person: David Griffith.


Lay Health Advisors Promoting Healthy Nutrition and Physical Activity.  (June 2009-July 2010).  Funding from the Pitt Memorial Hospital to develop a lay health advisor program to promote healthy nutrition and physical activity in the Latino community of Pitt County.  As a pilot project, the program will train seven women from the community as health promoters following the promotoras model of community health outreach.  The project will be evaluated following an ethnographic process evaluation model. Lead persons:  Shahna Arps and Ricardo B. Contreras.

Evaluation of the AMEXCAN Diabetes Awareness Workshops.  (June 2008-June 2009).  AMEXCAN received funding from the Pitt Memorial Hospital Foundation to conduct 20 workshops in Latino churches to raise awareness about diabetes.  Research and evaluation activities support project implementation. 
Lead person: Shahna Arps.


Celebrating Latino Leadership in Eastern North Carolina: An Oral History Project.  This project collects the oral histories of 15 Latino leaders from the region with the purpose of building an archive or Latino oral histories at the East Carolina University Joyner Library.  Additionally, community forums will be held having the project participants as panelists.  From a theoretical perspective, this project will contribute to the understanding of migration, immigration, and settlement patterns in a region representative of what is known as "new destinations" for Latino immigrants.  The study will also make contributions to the literature on leadership and community organizing.  Funding from the North Carolina Humanities Council.  Lead persons:  Ricardo B. Contreras and David Griffith.

Transnational Work, Gender, and Family Organization: Mexican Women Participating in Temporary Guestworker Programs in the United States and Canada.  (Trabajo Transnacional, Political Laborales de Género y Organización Familiar: Mujeres Transmigrantes Temporales de México a Estados Unidos y Canadá).   Ethnographic study of the transformations in family organization and gender roles experienced by Mexican women who participate in temporary guestworker programs in the United States and Canada.  In the United States, the study focuses on women employed by the crab industry in North Carolina.  Partnering with the El Colegio de Michoacán and University of Guelph.  Funded by PIERAN-El Colegio de México. Lead persons: David Griffith and Ricardo B. Contreras.

Papantla,Veracruz-Eastern North Carolina Connection.  Development of links with community organizations in the municipio of Papantla, Veracruz.  Ethnographic field school planned for summer 2010.
Lead persons:  Ricardo B. Contreras and David Griffith.