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Instructional Video Resources

Welcome to Nuevo South's video resource page. Here you will find various videos on news, research, and more within the Latin American community.


Trailer for the documentary "Brother Town: Pueblos Hermanos."

Official Description:

Brother Towns is a story of two towns linked by immigration, family, and work: Jacaltenango, a highland Maya town in Guatemala; and Jupiter, a coastal resort town where many Jacaltecos have settled in Florida.


Trailer for the documentary "Which Way Home."

Official Description:

As the United States continues to build a wall between itself and Mexico, WHICH WAY HOME shows the personal side of immigration through the eyes of children who face harrowing dangers with enormous courage and resourcefulness as they endeavor to make it to the United States.


Scott Rhodes of Wake Forest talks about "Hombres," a project focusing community-building in the local Latino population through the use of soccer.


A brief video about a development project going on within Calihaute, Nicaragua. 

Official mission statement:

"The mission of Latin American Community Development, Inc. (LACD) is to help small communities in Latin America form town committees which, in turn, will be responsible for devising ways to better the overall welfare of their community through sustainable projects. Once formed, LACD will assist committees enlist the cooperation of national, regional, local and international officials and groups, as well as assist in the sustainable development of each individual town."                                                                   


Introduction to Latino movement into North Carolina.

Video Info Courtesy of workingfilmdocs: All the interviewees in this clip discuss the influx of Latinos into North Carolina. Each person introduces himself, by telling where he is originally from and why he came to North Carolina.