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Latino Entrepreneur Project

Latino Entrepreneur Project


The Nuevo South Latino Entrepreneur Project

Since the 1980s, North Carolina’s Latino population has increased by over four hundred percent.  This robust growth has laid the foundation for a dynamic Latino entrepreneurial class whose businesses have revitalized half-abandoned shopping centers and small rural communities’ downtowns.  Latino entrepreneurs are young, middle aged, and elderly.  They are women and men.  They are from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and many other countries across Latin America and the Caribbean.  They have opened stores, restaurants, beauty salons, and offices offering a wide range of services, from preparing income taxes to repairing automobiles, and they are becoming powerful role models and leaders for youth and newly arriving Latinos who hope to one day open businesses of their own. 

The Nuevo South Latino Entrepreneur project is designed to provide easily accessible information to Latinos seeking information about becoming an entrepreneur / businessperson in the rural United States.  Originally funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Initiative, the project has partnered with East Carolina University’s Nuevo South initiative to develop, maintain, and add to information useful to Latinos as they consider a business career, consider opening a business, or consider expanding a current business.  The site’s four target audiences are Latino youth who are thinking of becoming entrepreneurs, current Latino entrepreneurs, potential Latino entrepreneurs, and organizations that can provide services or support to Latino entrepreneurs. 



   Information for Individuals:

Jóvenes Emprendedores/Young Entrepreneurs

o   Life after High School: How About a Career as an Entrepreneur?

Negociantes Latino/as/Current Latino Businessmen

o   Resources for Strengthening and Growing your Business.

Negociantes Potenciales Latinos/ Potential Latino Businessmen/women

o   Starting and Succeeding in your own Business.

    Information for Community Groups:

Información para Organizaciones de Apoyo/ Information for Support Organizations (High Schools and Civic Organizations)

o    Arguments and Methods for Strengthening Community Entrepreneurship