Asian Studies Program Credits

We should first like to thank the Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program of the US Department of Education for funding our proposal to develop and expand the Asian Studies Program at East Carolina University.

Next we should thank Ms. Joyce Joines Newman, formerly Instructional Technical Consultant for the Harriot College of Arts and Sciences, for her expert advice and continuing work on the Asian Studies webpage. We especially appreciate her willingness to work, even beyond the workday, on creating the beautiful images of textiles. Ms. Newman also proposed, designed and executed the Asian Studies Virtual Friendship Quilt.

We should also like to acknowledge those faculty, students and members of the ECU community who allowed us to photograph their Asian textiles and artifacts that were incorporated into the Asian Studies webpage design:

Dr. Harry Adams, Department of Infectious Diseases, Brody School of Medicine (Bali)

Dr. Christine Avenarius, Department of Anthropology, Harriot College of Arts and Sciences (China, Tibet, India)

Dr. Okmyung Bin, Department of Economics, Harriot College of Arts and Sciences (Korea, Malaysia) Special thanks to his sister-in-law, Younghwa Ko, for her help.

Dr. Runying Chen, Department of Interior Design and Merchandising, College of Human Ecology (China)

Dr. Dorothy Clayton, Center for Faculty Development (China)

Ms. Brandi Dudley, International Affairs (India)

Dr. Rosina Chia, Global Academic Programs (China)

Dr. Sylvie Debevec Henning, International Studies, Harriot College of Arts and Sciences (China, Japan, Thailand, India, Pakistan)

Prof. Priti Desai, Child Development and Family Relations, College of Human Ecology (India)

Ms. Gulzhan Elkin, graduate Student, MA in International Studies Program (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan)

Ms. Rita Gonsalves, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (India)

Dr. Holly Hapke, Department of Geography, Harriot College of Arts and Sciences (India, Pakistan)

Ms. Lolita Harbit, Continuing Studies (Philippines)

Dr. Stephen Harper, Department of Geology, Harriot College of Arts and Sciences (Tibet, Indonesia, Malaysia, China)

Ms. Lily Lang, wife of Dr. Yong Zhu, ECU Department of Biology, and Director of Asia Pacific Business Development, The Hammock Source, Greenville, NC (China)

Dr. Carolyn Ledford, Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education (Japan)

Ms. Paula Lobsenz, graduate of the MA in International Studies Program (Indonesia, Tibet, Thailand)

Dr. Punam Madhok, Department of Art History, School of Art, College of Fine Arts and Communications (India, Japan)

Dr. Derek Maher, Religious Studies Program, Department of Philosophy, Harriot College of Arts and Sciences (Tibet, India)

Ms. Elizabeth Montgomery, Department of Health Education, College of Health and Human Performance (Kazakhstan)

Joyce Joines Newman, MFA, Instructional Consultant, Center for Faculty Excellence (Indonesia)

Ms. Gail Pinkham, Graduate School (China, Taiwan, Korea)

Dr. Elaine Seeman, Management Information Systems, College of Business (Vietnam)

Dr. Sachiyo Shearman, Communications, College of Fine Arts and Communications (Japan, Vietnam)

Dr. John Tucker, History, Harriot College of Arts and Sciences (Hmong)

Ms. Monika Wojciechowski, Assistant Director, International Admissions, Office of International Affairs (China)

Ms. Sijia Yang, MA in International Studies (China)

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