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Panel and Discussion: “From Asia to Greenville: Piecing Together Cultural Experiences” April 21 This event will feature a panel on resources for international faculty facilitated by Sylvie Debevec Henning. There will also be a roundtable discussion by a selection of Asian faculty members, each having been in the U.S. significantly different lengths of time, on adapting to life in eastern North Carolina and at ECU. The roundtable discussion will be facilitated by Borim Song. Sponsored by the Center for Faculty Excellence. 1-3 p.m., Old Cafeteria Complex, Room 1632 FLYER

ORIGAMI WORKSHOP, February 12, 4:00 to 5:30, Bate 3006 FLYER

VOICES FOR PEACE: Hiroshima-Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Exhibit, January 27—March 10, 2009  A poster exhibit chronicling the bombing, aftermath and plea “never again”. Joyner Library, Second Floor Exhibit Area. Sponsored by: Kyoritsu University, Hisako Okawa, Hiroko Tyabata, Hiroshima International Homestay Club, Satsuki Ogura, Yuichi Kudo, CCU of Nagano Prefecture, Shozo Fujiwara, Hiroshima Jyogakuin University, Takehiro Asano  This is our cry. This is our prayer. For peace in this world.” Children’s Peace Monument

The ECU Asian Studies Program will sponsor a reception for the Hiroshima Poster Exhibit on Saturday, January 31, from 10:00-5:00 pm, in Joyner Library, 2nd Floor Display area. The public is invited to attend. In addition to light refreshments from 10-3:00 pm, there will be a Hiroshima Film Festival featuring the three videos related to the atomic bombing.

The first video is the award-winning documentary, Hellfire: A Journey from Hiroshima, focused two Japanese artists, Iri and Toshi Maruki, and their mural paintings depicting their interpretations of the horrific consequences of the atomic attack. Hellfire will be shown from 10:30-11:30 am.  The second video, Barefoot Gen, examines, through animation, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima from the perspective of a young boy, Gen, who is forced to find ways to survive the final months of WWII. This video is based on the best-selling comic book (manga) by Keiji Nakazawa. Barefoot Gen will be shown from 1:00-2:30 pm. The final video, Black Rain, explores the aftermath of the bombing of Hiroshima as experienced by a young woman engaged to be married. This video, directed by Shohei Imamura, is based on the classic novel by Masuji Ibuse. Black Rain will be shown from 3:00-5:00 pm.  Support for the reception is provided by the North Carolina Teaching About Asia Network, based at UNC-Chapel Hill. PIECES OF EIGHT ARTICLE

GREAT DECISIONS PROGRAM,  January 17-March 7, 2009 Topics related to Asian Studies include US and Rising Powers, Energy and the Global Economy, Global Food Supply, Afghanistan/Pakistan, and Universal Human Rights.  

FALL 2008

Japanese Calligraphy Workshop, Friday, November 21, 4-5:30 pm, Bate 3014, sponsored by the ECU Japanese Program. No knowledge of calligraphy or of Japanese language is required. All the equipment will be provided. Please reserve a place by sending you name and phone number by email to  Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.


ASIAN STUDIES LECTURE: Dr. Kazim Abdullaev, Director of Reseach, Institute of Archaeology, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Institute for Advanced Study, School of Historical Studies, Princeton, NJ, will make a presentation on "Buddhist Art and Archaeology of Bactria in the Kushan and Post-Kushan Periods," Wednesday, March 26, 2008 in Bate 1025, 4:30-5:30.  Sponsored by the Department of Anthropology and the International Studies Program. ITINERARY  FLYER

GREAT DECISIONS PROGRAM,  January 19-March 8, 2008

Beginning on January 19, 2008 and for the following eight consecutive Saturday mornings, ECU will host the Foreign Policy Association's Great Decisions Program The program is sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Eastern North Carolina. The Program consists of a series of lectures by academic and professional experts on the Iraq end-game, European Union at 50, talking to our enemies, Russia, US defense and security policy, Latin America: shift to the left?, US-China trade policy, and private philanthropy. 

Of particular interest to Asian Studies is the presentation on US-China trade policy, February 23, by Dr. Runying Chen, ECU Department of Interior Design and Merchandising, College of Human Ecology. SLIDES PHOTOS

ASIAN STUDIES LECTURE/PERFORMANCE: Ms. Grace Jong Eun Lee, kayagum composer and soloist, Vancouver Community College, will present a kayagum lecture and demonstration, "Enchanted Sounds of Traditional Korean Music," Rivers West, February 23, 5:30-7:00 pm. FLYER   BIO  PROGRAM DESCRIPTION KAYAGUM ARTICLE FLYER Ms. Lee's presentation has been arranged through the Korea Society. PHOTOS

ASIAN STUDIES LECTURE: Professor Jinim Park, Pyeong-Taek University, Pyeongtaek-si, Korea, Fulbright scholar, Stanford University, Stanford Language Center, will speak on "Yearning and Regrets in Korean Shijo: From Classics to Modern Shijo," Bate Building, January 30, 4pm  FLYER  SCHEDULE CV

ASIAN STUDIES LECTURE: Professor Hsiu-fen Chen, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan, Fulbright Research Associate, Harvard University's Yenching Institute, will speak on "Replenishing the body and pacifying the mind: nurturing life (yangsheng) in 16th-17th Century China," Science and Technology Building, OC-207, January 16, 4 pm. FLYER  SCHEDULE  PHOTOS

FALL 2007


During the fall 2007 semester, ECU will host Dr. Aslam Khaki. Dr. Khaki teaches Islamic Studies in Pakistan and is the author of a book entitled “Islam and Human Rights”. He has previously visited the US on a cultural exchange/inter-faith dialogue program and will be available to talk about a range of issues such as: fundamentals of Islam, violence and non-violence in religion, Jew-Christian-Muslim relationship (Islamic Perspective), concept of Jihad in Islam, experience & interfaith conflicts in Pakistan, process of Islamization in Pakistan and its effects at national & global levels. Other issues to cover may be tailored to specific classes and faculty interests.



GREAT DECISIONS PROGRAM,  January 20-March 10, 2007

Beginning on January 20, 2007 and for the following eight consecutive Saturday mornings, ECU will host the Foreign Policy Association's Great Decisions Program The program is sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Eastern North Carolina. The Program consists of a series of lectures by academic and professional experts on the Middle East, climate change, Mexico, migration, South Africa, war crimes, Central Asia and children. FLYER

Of particular interest to Asian Studies is the February 10 presentation on Central Asia by Dr. Alexander Cooley of the Department of Political Science at Barnard College, and the Harriman Institute of Columbia University. Dr. Cooley's presentation is sponsored by the International Studies Program, the Russian Studies Program, the Office of International Affairs, and the World Affairs Council of Eastern NC.     

ASIAN STUDIES LECTURE: Dr. Daniel V. Botsman (Department of History, UNC-Chapel Hill) "Freedom without slavery? 
The Case of the Maria Luz and the Question of Emancipation 
in Nineteenth Century Japan" February 23, 3:00 pm 
Science and Technology Building  OC209    FLYER 

Dr. Botsman's lecture is funded by the ECU Department of History and the Asian Studies Program.   SHORT VERSION OF LECTURE

INTRODUCTORY JAPANESE CALLIGRAPHY WORKSHOP, conducted by certified calligrapher and lecturer in Japanese, Nobuyoshi Asaoka, February 27  FLYER   PHOTOS

This workshop is made possible by a grant from the Japan Foundation-New York through its Arts and Culture Program.

ASIAN STUDIES LECTURE: Dr. Simon Partner (Department of History, Duke University), "Farewell to the Soil: A Century of Change in the Japanese Countryside," March 8, 7 pm, Science and Technology Building 0C309  FLYER

Dr. Partner's lecture is funded by the Department of History and the Asian Studies Program.

FALL 2006


          FLYER                          PHOTOS

TEACHER WORKSHOP: "Representations of the Feminine in Japanese Literary and Popular Culture,"  October 7

Organized by Dr. John Tucker, this workshop's main speaker was Dr. Jan Bardsley, Professor of Japanese Humanities and Women's Studies, UNC-Chapel Hill. In addition to Professor's Bardsley's lecture, the workshop featured a presentation of a documentary that she co-produced entitled Women in Japan.    FLYER

INTRODUCTORY JAPANESE CALLIGRAPHY WORKSHOP, conducted by certified calligrapher and lecturer in Japanese, Nobuyoshi Asaoka, October 10       FLYER