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We are a broad department that emphasizes integrative approaches drawing from across the life sciences. We offer undergraduate majors in Biology and Biochemistry and graduate opportunities at both the MS and PhD levels. Our faculty, students, and staff have received a wide range of honors and awards and some of their achievements are highlighted on this site. We encourage alumni to keep in touch and prospective students to visit. I look forward to hearing from you!

Jeff McKinnon, Chair

Biology News

Long tailed finch

Dr. Chris Balakrishnan Coauthors Paper Published in Science

The November 2015 issue of Science includes a research article coauthored by Dr. Chris Balakrishnan. The article investigates recombination hotspots in species lacking the PRDM9 gene.

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Parasite male birds

Paper Coauthored by ECU Biology's Sue McRae Gets Extensive Press Coverage, Including Washington Post

A paper in Nature Genetics coauthored by Biology's Dr. Sue McRae  (published online 16 November 2015) detailing the role of a supergene in determining highly divergent male reproductive morphs in the ruff  has generated significant interest in the popular press, including the Washington Post.

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3MT combo

Biology Graduate Students Participate in the 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition

Four graduate students, MS students Gina Bledsoe (Dr. Peralta), Tori Goerig (Dr. Ardon), Tom Miller (Dr. Issa) and PhD student Suelen Tuillo (Dr. Chalcraft), presented their research at the 2015 ECU 3 MT Thesis completion. Tom and Suelen were selected as finalists in the competition and Tom won the People’s Choice Award, one of the two top prizes at the 3MT competition.

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Pitchers thistle 2

Jolls Lab Endangered Plant Research Highlighted

Jolls lab research on the effect of invasive plants and weevils on the endangered Pitcher's Thistle receives coverage in "Great Lakes Echo."

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Advancement Council

ECU Biology Advancement Council tours Tar River with Dean Bill Downs and Distinguished Prof. Roger Rulifson

ECU Biology Advancement Council tours Tar River with Dean Bill Downs and Distinguished Prof. Roger Rulifson, after record year of fundraising.

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