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Bio Living-Learning Community

The purpose of the Bio Living-Learning Community (BioLLC) is to help our intended biology and biochemistry students succeed at ECU, in the major, and in their careers. Our focus is on first generation college students, but all are welcome to apply. Our goal is for students to take full advantage of everything that a large university offers.

What the BioLLC offers is: 1) living together in a group with a common academic purpose and common course sections; 2) having a Resident Advisor that shares their major; 3) some classes and tutoring scheduled on-site; 4) and regular interaction with Biology faculty and staff, particularly the BioLLC coordinators Mr. Dennis, Dr. Farwell and Dr. Reyes. Other programs, such as cohort-building activities, in the fall semester, may also occur.

Freshmen students may not fully understand what they need to do to succeed in college or in a competitive degree program, even when they are good high school students (GPA over 3.0). The BioLLC participants will focus on academics first, but by providing a community living environment, students will also be asked to participate in group development and team building activities that will help them to succeed. We are convinced that when academics is the first priority for students, and they live in an environment with a supportive atmosphere, they will learn how to prioritize other activities such as recreation, leisure and friends and family obligations. This prioritization will help them succeed in coursework and outside the classroom. The BioLLC will guide students to what they need to do to succeed, like fully using ECU's existing support structures, such as tutoring, and developing small study groups.

Incoming freshmen with an interest in living in a community with others who have the same goals\emdash to succeed at ECU and in a career in the life sciences\emdash are invited to apply. Applicants will be chosen based on GPA, first-generation college status, and interest in community living. All applications are considered confidential and will only be seen by the BioLLC coordinators.

For consideration, applications must be completed by March 15 each year. For an application: