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Intended Biology or Biochemistry students are first advised by the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising and Resource Center (AARC); click on the link for more information about general advising and contact information.  All Intended Biology or Biochemistry students must go through this office for advising. Once declared, students are advised by one of our Biology faculty members.  Each faculty member maintains their own calendar, therefore, students must schedule all appointments with their faculty advisors directly.


Tips for a successful advising appointment:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute!  Set advising appointments in advance.
  • Come prepared!  It is imperative that students arrive prepared for advising appointments. 
  • Be on time!  Faculty advisors do much more than advising.  Faculty members are responsible for teaching courses and maintaining an active research program.  If students are unable to make scheduled appointments please notify the faculty member with as much notice as possible.
  • Communicate!  E-mails are an extremely useful tool, if used properly.  When emailing advisors include essential information such as name, Banner ID, course information (subject code, course number and section number), and registration error (if applicable). 
  • PIN code: it is vital that students record their PIN codes in a secure location that will be easy to access.  Many students found saving their PIN codes in their cell phones was extremely useful.

Withdraw Requests

Students can modify their schedules via Banner self-service up until the 5th day of classes, also known as the course adjustment period.  After the end of the course adjustment period students can choose to withdraw themselves from a course.

To request to be withdrawn from a course students will need to e-mail their advisor with the following information:

  • Name
  • Banner ID
  • Course requesting to be withdrawn from (including course number)

Please check the ECU academic calendar for withdraw request deadlines.