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Common Registration Errors

The information below is aimed at troubleshooting registration errors for BIOLOGY offered courses.  Please review the common errors listed below and tips for resolving your error.  If you are still unable to resolve your registration error, please complete the form below for assistance from our Undergraduate Office.

If you are receiving a registration error for any other department courses you must contact that department.  For Chemistry courses please contact Ms. Aimee Callicutt (chemistry@ecu.edu).  For Physics courses please contact Mrs. Rhonata Hurwitz (hurwitzr@ecu.edu).

Special instructions:

BIOL 1150 and BIOL 1151:  Students must register for the SAME section for 1150 AND 1151.  Our department will check to verify students have accomplished this.  We will email any student that mixes the sections to try to make a schedule adjustment OR drop the courses.

What it means

Student is missing the test score for placement, or a prerequisite course.

What to do

Option 1) Check the course catalog for a list of required prerequisites for the course you are attempting to register for.  Check your Banner transcript to see if you have completed the prerequisites per the catalog.  

To access your transcript log in to PiratePort, go to Tools, click on Banner Self Service.  Select Student, Student Records, Academic Transcript.

If your Banner transcript does not show the prerequisite and you have completed the prerequisite course(s) required, please complete the form below.

Option 2) Often the prerequisite and test score error will show when a student is not registering for the required COREQUISITE as well.

Provided that you have all the prerequisites, as stated in the catalog, if you are receiving the prerequisite and test score error check to make sure that you are first adding the CRN for the lecture to your worksheet then adding the CRN for the lab to your worksheet second. Once you have both CRNs on your worksheet you can submit changes. Lecture and Lab must be registered simultaneously.

What it means

Course requires approval from the department offering the course.

What to do

For questions concerning BIOL 2110, 2111, 2140, 2141, 2150 & 2151 please click here.

For questions concerning BIOL 1200-601 or BIOL 1201-601 please email Dr. Patrick Harris for permission to register for these courses.

For questions concerning BIOL 2800 please email Dr. Heather Vance-Chalcraft.

For questions concerning BIOL 3504, 3550, 4504, 4514, 4550, 4991, 4992, 4993 all requests to register for these courses require permission from the instructor.  A signed contract is required before our office will register students for these courses.  Faculty members must initiate the contracts.  Please meet with the instructor of record for more information.

For all other courses do not email the instructor. Please complete the form below.

What it means

Student is not listed as the required major for enrollment in this course.

What to do

Check your Degreeworks page to verify your major is correct.  If your major is correct, you may not have the required major to take this course.  If your major is incorrect contact your advisor.

If you are receiving this message and registering for BIOL 1100 or BIOL 1200 please check to see if you are registering for a restricted section.  Sections restricted will say for BIO/BIOCHEM majors only in the course title.  Those sections are for BS-Biology or BS-Biochemistry intended majors only.  If you have a different major, register for a non-restricted section.

What it means

This section is reserved for students in a particular cohort.  Examples include: Honors College or Distance Education (online)

What to do

Select a course with a different section number.  Typically courses with section numbers in the 600s indicate online courses.  Most courses will be open to all students if not filled by a certain date.  Contact your advisor for more information.

What it means

Time of the course conflicts with another course already on student's schedule.

What to do

Select another section of the course or drop the course causing the time conflict.  View your schedule in Banner self-service Week at a Glance to see your schedule in a calendar view.  If you exhaust all options and do not see the time conflict complete the form below or contact your advisor for assistance.

What it means

Student is either currently enrolled in, or has credit for the class he/she is attempting to add.

What to do

Students can only receive credit for a class once.  If you need to retake a class in order to grade replace it, you must wait until the initial grade posts to your transcript before registering for it in a future semester.

What it means

Adding the course will put the student over the maximum number of approved hours.

What to do

The maximum course load for undergraduate students in the fall and spring is 18 semester hours.  The maximum course load for first and second summer sessions is 7 semester hours.  

To see if you qualify for an exception, please contact your advisor.

What it means
Course is full, but the department is using a wait list in Banner.

What to do

Wait List error: Use the drop-down menu and select "add to wait list" and hit "register."  

Important Note: If your name is first on the wait list and a seat becomes available in the course Banner will send you an email.  Students have only 24 hours to register for the course.  If you have not taken advantage of the opening by registering for the course, after the 24 hour mark, Banner will notify the next student.  Your name will be removed from the wait list.  We suggest students on active wait lists check their emails multiple times a day.

Wait List-Closed error: The wait list has reached maximum capacity.  Select another section to register for.

In both situations: If the course appears to have an open seat, it is most likely that Banner is in the pending process of a student registering for the course.  Please continue to monitor Banner for an opening.

Biology Course Registration Error Help

If the information above did not help resolve your error.  Please complete the form before.  Once you answer all the fields, click submit.  The page will refresh, you must scroll down to verify your information is correct, edit your information if necessary and click CONFIRM.

The Biology Department will receive your request and process it accordingly.


Full Name    *required
Banner ID    *required
Student Email    *required
Course Number   
Please enter the 4 digit BIOLOGY course number. 
Section Number   
Please enter the 3 digit section number. Example: 001 or 601 Section numbers beginning with "0" typically indicate a face-to-face section, while section numbers beginning with "6" usually indicate online courses. 
Please enter the 5 digit banner course reference number (CRN). 
Does this course require a lab? STOP: If this course requires a lab, make sure you are inputting both lecture and lab CRN on your Banner worksheet and submit simultaneously. Verify there are no time conflicts with either course and the combined number of credit hours do not put you over the maximum number of credit hours allowed for the semester. Consult the catalog for questions regarding which lectures require labs as corequisites.
Have you completed the prerequisites? 
Consult the catalog for a list of prerequisites for each course. Verify the prerequisites are listed on your Banner academic transcript. Banner does not take into account 1XXX or 2XXX courses, nor does it consider Degreeworks substitutions. 
Error Message Received 
Please select the error message received on Banner Self-Service. 

To submit your information for review please select Submit.  The following page will display a summary of your information.  You must Confirm your information is correct before exiting.